How To Make a Rose Bouquet

Rose bouquet

Roses are a classic for a reason. A simple rose bouquet can be used as the centerpiece for just about any occasion. These flowers are perfect for weddings, centerpieces at special events or just to say 'I love you' to that special someone! Follow these simple steps to make a rose bouquet.

Step 1

Materials required.

  • 2 dozen fresh roses
  • Green floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Wide ribbon

Step 2

Prepare the roses. When using fresh roses you will need to make bouquets the same day or the night before the event. Any sooner and the roses will start to wilt before your big day. Lay the roses flat and inspect them for thorns and any brown petals. Remove browning petals and thorns. Then select three roses to be the center of your bouquet.

Step 3

Make a triangle with the three roses. Hold the stems in your hand and position the rose heads so that they are close together but each forms the point of a triangle. Vary their heights slightly, about ¼ inch above or below the center. The variation adds depth to the bouquet and makes it more interesting visually.

Step 4

Add three more roses. Still holding your first set, add a rose next to each rose enlarging your triangle slightly. If your hands are small you can secure this set of six by wrapping floral tape around the center of the stems twice. This holds the stems together so you can add more flowers.

Step 5

Continue adding more roses. Add a rose on each side of the triangle points or two for each of your first three roses for a total of six more roses. As you expand this shape it should be taking on a circular shape. Continue to add roses around the edge of the circle in even patterns until you have used the full two dozen blooms. Remember to vary the heights slightly as you add the roses.

Step 6

Pull the stems close together and wrap with floral tape. As you pull the stems tighter together you should notice the rose blooms angling slightly to form a rounded bouquet shape. Once you have the shape you desire, wrap the floral tape around the stems starting within an inch from the base of the blooms down to about two inches from the cut ends. Cut the stem ends so they are even.

Step 7

Use ribbon to decorate the bouquet. Wrap the ribbon around the stems to hide the floral tape and decorate the bouquet. Tie the ends in a knot to secure or pin them to the stems with beaded head pins.

Step 8

Store the bouquet in a cool place. Place the bouquet in a refrigerator or cool, airy room until you are ready to use them. If you have limited space, place the stems in ¼ of water in a vase. Then keep the flowers out of reach of interested hands as touching them will cause them to wilt faster.

Making your rose bouquet can be fun and gives a personal touch to any of your special events. Make sure you don't plan too far ahead or the flowers will lose some of their look and scent.


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