How To Make a Rubber Band Ball

Are you looking for a place to keep the rubber bands that seem to gather in your desk drawers? Or maybe you just need to occupy your hands for a while? Whatever the reason, you can consider making a rubber band ball. With some time and a few hundred rubber bands, you can make a rubber band ball with these simple instructions.

  1. Choose the core of your rubber band ball. Every ball needs a starter. The easiest core starts with a single sheet of paper. If you don’t have one handy, consider another material from the list in the tips section below.
  2. Crumple the sheet of paper into a ball. You may need to crumple the paper several times until the paper is soft and can be formed a tight ball. Crush and shape the paper into a ball in your hand.
  3. Grab a couple rubber bands to get started. Rubber band balls are often a colorful mix so but you can use rubber bands of all the same color for a single shade ball or sort the bands into different colors and make layers of color. Try to have fun making the ball and choose the colors and rubber bands that suit your taste.
  4. Wrap a rubber band around the paper ball. When starting, you may have to wrap the band a couple times to be sure it is tight and secure. Add a second band the same way, wrapping it tight around the first.
  5. For the first ten or fifteen bands, pay attention to the angle of where the bands overlap. The second band should overlap the first at a right angle (or perpendicular). Then add the next band at an angle between the first two. Keep doing this until the bands have fully covered the paper ball.
  6. Now add rubber bands until you are happy with the ball. The more bands you add, the bigger the ball will grow. If the ball gets too large to get a band around it, you can loop two bands together and wrap them around the ball. Just remember as you build the ball, you need to alternate the location of each band as you work around the ball.
  7. Have fun and relax. One of the benefits of making a rubber band ball is that it takes some time but can be relaxing.

To create a rubber band ball, all you need is a ton of rubber bands and the time to make the ball. You can experiment with different sizes and color combinations if you want.


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