How To Make a Scarecrow with a Broom

The scarecrow was traditionally used by farmers to chase away birds that ate away crops. Today, there are modern ways of keeping pests and birds from plants. The scarecrow, however, remains as one of the most popular figures to adorn even the modern house – especially after the scarecrow was featured in the Wizard of Oz. if you want an easy and quick decoration for your house during the holidays, here are the steps to creating your own scarecrow using a broom.

Attach the arms. The broom will be the base of the body. To attach the arms for the body, you need to screw on or nail on a four foot long wooden rod that is roughly an inch in diameter. Once this is done, you can set up the scarecrow body on top of a small box filled with sand or stones. This will keep the broom in an upright position. 
Dress up. Decorating and dressing up the scarecrow will be the bulk of what you will do. Hang an old flannel shirt on the figure. You can also put on a pair of overalls to give the scarecrow a full body costume. The scarecrow’s body can be as simple as this. If you want to give more form and shape to the scarecrow’s body, however, you can add hay just like the original scarecrows. Adding hay, however, can be messy. As a replacement, you can also use raffia that has been shredded into fibers. Attach these to the holes in the clothing such as the collar, the cuffs, and sleeves. Since raffia can be expensive if you will use it to stuff the entire scarecrow, add old shirts and crumpled newspapers on the inside of the clothing.

Add feet and hands. Adding feet and hands for your scarecrow can be done by using old gloves and old shoes. The shoes should be tattered and no longer in use, since you will need to cut a hole through it so that the broom handle can pass through the shoe and into the support box that keeps the scarecrow in an upright position. For the gloves, you will need to fill it with some raffia or other types of filling to keep the gloves inflated and visible.
Add details to the face. The face of the scarecrow is the actual broom head.  To add eyes, you can insert a pair of old sunglasses through the fibers in the broom head. You can also add earrings and mark a pair of lips through the yellow fibers of the broom by using a red permanent marker. You can also add ribbons on the hair of the scarecrow, if you are creating a female scarecrow.

For the finishing touches, add a handkerchief on the pockets, as well as other trinkets that you will normally use to accessorize a mannequin. You can add socks on the shoes, some necklaces, and even a bracelet. Keep in mind that there is no specific fashion that the scarecrow should have. Have fun in decorating, and when finished, display the scarecrow in your home.


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