How To Make a Snow Plow Blade for an ATV

Snow tractor

Who says an all-terrain vehicle or ATV is only a great big boy’s toy for summer? Your favorite vehicle can also be transformed into something useful for winter. It can be an ATV snow plow. So why use a shovel if your ATV can be an automotive snow plow? All you need is a snow plow blade to make that possible.

Unfortunately, snow plow blades for your ATV are customized. There may be ready-made snow plow blade but this might not be fitted for your ATV. Therefore, before you can enjoy digging the snow using your favorite summer vehicle, you should make a snow plow blade for it first.

Here are the materials you’ll need to make a snow plow blade for your ATV:

  • Steel sheeting, with thickness at least ¼ inch. A 55-gallon steel drum is an alternative to this.
  • Cutting torch
  • Regular welder or gas arc
  • Universal mount for snow blade
  • Electric drill
  • Grinder


  1. If you will be using a drum, you need to cut it using the cutting torch. Lay it on its side and draw the shape of the snow plow blade using a marker. Usually, you’ll have to cut it on half, lengthwise. But some cut only a small portion of the drum enough for it to plow the snow. After cutting, you should smooth the drum’s edges using the grinder. Meanwhile, if you will be using pieces of steel sheets, you’ll have to bend it so as it imitates the shape of the usual snow plow. Before bending the steel, decide first how thick you want the snow plow blade to be. Bend the steel sheet to your desired measurement. It should be bended just enough for it to be a snow plow blade. If you wish to add thickness, you should bend more sheets the same as how you bended the first sheet and layer all the bended steel sheets. Layering the steel sheets will result to uneven edges. Smoothen the edges of the snow plow blade using the metal saw.
  2. Examine how the universal snow plow mount will be attached to the ATV. The snow plow blade needs to have a bracket so that the mount can be attached to it. You need to make a bracket for the snow plow blade. The bracket should be perfectly attached to the mount. Usually, the bracket will be attached to the blade’s center. Do some measurements to determine where the bracket should be attached and how big this should be.
  3. Make brackets. Use the left over steel sheets for brackets. Bend it to the desired shape using the cutting torch. Brackets are usually triangular in shape. Check if the bracket is already enough for the mount. If it’s not, do some adjustments until you achieve the perfect-shaped bracket.
  4. Attach the bracket to the perfect spot on the blade using welding equipment. Don’t forget to wear protective gears when doing this.
  5. Attach the universal ATV mount to the ATV. Drill holes on the ATV and the universal mount so it will perfectly fit to the vehicle.
  6. Attach the snow plow blade bracket to the universal mount. This step should be smooth and easy if the bracket was just perfect for the mount. You can paint the universal mount and the blade for a nicer look.

Don’t forget to stay safe while making a snow plow blade for your ATV. Always wear protective gears and prioritize safety in your every move. 


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