How To Make a Spy Watch

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So you want to play James Bond, huh? Your old watch can turn you into a special agent. Instead of the watch collecting dust in your basement, why don’t you turn that into a special spy watch gadget?

First, you need to determine what kind of spy gadget you want your watch to be. The simplest can be a spy storage watch. This is a no-brainer. Here’s the instruction:

  1. Open the watch. Take off the plate from the watch’s back using a jeweler’s screwdriver. Simply put the screwdriver under the circular thing’s lip and pry it off. Pull the circular back of the watch and be careful not to lose any of the watch’s pieces. You can get a small box or any container where you can put all the watch’s pieces so you can find them easily when you need them. See if there is enough room to store the item you need to put in the watch. If the space is enough, you can already put the item in there and put back the circular thing on the watch. If not, you’ll have to proceed to step 2.
  2. Take off the mechanisms inside the watch except the hands and the plate where the hours are displayed on. Removing other mechanisms will give you more room for storage. However, the hands of the watch might fall off. You’ll have to glue the hands’ connectors that are hidden in the watch. Glue these connectors to make sure the hands won’t fall off.
  3. Put the thing you need to store in the watch. It can be spare money, a password, a pin number, or some pieces of diamonds. You can put whatever you want for as long as it can fit in the watch.
  4. Install the watch’s circular thing back and you’re free to use the watch as if it’s a normal watch.

This is peanuts but you can also create more advanced spy watch like installing a video recorder in it or an audio recorder. This will be a little tricky and complicated that explaining the whole process will be difficult. Instead, you can follow these tips when creating a more advanced spy watch:

  • Built in spy watch. Check out the spy watches from Geeky Gadgets, Spy Gear, and other similar online stores. See the features of their spy watches so you’ll have some ideas on how to make it.
  • Smallest video. Commercial spy watches can be real spy gadgets because of the video installed in it. These watches also have audio recorders and an internal built-in memory. The recorded files are easily transferable with the USB plug-in feature. You can also create your own version of spy watch if you have a small video enough to fit in the watch. It will be better with audio recorder and a built-in memory as well.

It will need a genius to make a real spy watch with video and audio recorder and built-in memory. But through practice, trials, and errors, you can definitely be closer to your dream spy watch. Just keep on trying—after all, patience is the best asset of secret spies. 


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