How To Make a Treasure Map

A treasure map is easy to make. You can do this yourself without having to spend a lot. You can be creative with this and personalize it depending on what you want. Then you can organize a treasure hunt with your friends with the use of your self-made treasure map. Here are simple steps you can learn if you want to impress your friends with your treasure map.

  1. Think first as to what you want your treasure map to look like. Depending on what sort of treasure hunting you want to play with your friends, the design of your treasure map must go with it.
  2. Place a starting point on the map. This is where you and your friends will begin the hunt. Of course, this starting point must be easy to find. In one look, it must be remarkable so your friends wouldn't be confused as to where to start.
  3. Next, place the secret treasure somewhere on the map, which is far from the beginning point. This is where the treasure hunters must end up after following the map. You can put it inside an illustration of an island or a chest to indicate that it is the secret treasure they need to find.
  4. Personalize your treasure map depending on your taste and style. Make use of colored markers and other art materials to make your treasure map adventurous looking. Use a dark and heavy line to indicate the path from the starting point to the location of the treasure. Or, you could draw little footsteps instead of a heavy line.
  5. As mentioned earlier, the location of the treasure must be marked significantly. You can place a large X mark on that location. You can also add some illustrations of gold coins or dollar signs. Use your creativity and imagination in making it more beautiful and colorful. This way, your treasure hunters will be thrilled about where they wind up on their treasure hunt.
  6. Of course, a treasure hunt will not be complete without the presence of obstacles that your treasure hunters will undergo to get to the treasure. Again, use your creativity in drawing pictures of obstacles and challenges for the hunt. It could be illustrations of mountains, streams, wild animals, sand pits; any hazard. Remember, this is your treasure map so you are free to place almost anything in it.
  7. Next, you also need to somehow make the map look aged and authentic. You can do this by getting a lighter and slightly burn off the edges to make it look rugged and old. But when doing this, you must be careful because you might burn the whole paper. Just burn the edges, perhaps a few millimeters is enough. Just let the edge of the paper catches fire and immediately shake it to extinguish the fire.
  8. You can also let the paper pass over the flame in a quick manner. This will also give that aged look you want. You may also crumple the map a bit then spread it out again to complete the look.

Now, you have your own treasure map. Use it to play with your friends and see who's the first to get to the treasure you've hidden.


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