How To Make a Vaporizer

A vaporizer assists in releasing the beneficial properties of herbs or essences used in aromatherapy through the application of heat. Besides aromatherapy, it finds popular application for the inhalation of tobacco or medical-use marijuana, and is very commonly used in the Middle East, Turkey, Morocco and other such places. It is also often used as a substitute to smoking since inhaling vapors is more beneficial than smoking in tar and harmful carcinogens. You can make your own simple vaporizer at home, using common, daily-use items found around the house and the process is very simple. Read the instructions listed below to get started.

Step 1

 Materials required.

  • A used or old light bulb
  • Bottle with plastic or metal cap
  • Plastic straws or thin tubing
  • Duct or electrical tape
  • Sharp knife or a pair of scissors
  • Table salt for cleaning the bulb

Step 2

Prepping the bulb. Use the scissors to cut off the end section of the light bulb. Remove the entire filament set such that he bulb is totally empty. Pour table salt in to the bulb and shake it around vigorously so that the white film over the bulb that provides the incandescent effect when you switch on a bulb is completely and cleanly removed.

Step 3

Preparing the bottle cap. Make two holes in the bottle cap, through which the straw or tubing can be inserted into the bulb. Cut the top section of the plastic bottle and fit it over the bulb securely. This will make it easier to screw on the bottle cap correctly on to the bulb sealing it airtight. Insert the straw into one of the holes, leaving the second uncovered to act as a vent for excess vapors.

Step 4

Adding the herbs. Based on the type of vapor you want to create, place the necessary herbs into the bulb and close the cap securely and tightly.

Step 5

Releasing the vapor. Hold the sealed bulb over a light source - a candle or a lighter - until the vapors begin to get released. Make sure you don't hold the bulb so close to the light that the herbs inside begin smoking and burning. If this happens, remove the bulb away from the light, open and clean out the contents and start with a fresh supply of herbs.

Step 6

Inhaling the vapors. Use the straw fixed through the bottle cap to inhale the vapors once they start getting released.

Cutting the end portion of the light bulb will prove to be difficult the first time you try it, but with time and practice, you'll get the knack of doing it easily. Make sure the bulb is completely clean and devoid of any glass pieces, filament or the white coating inside the bulb. Inhalation is considered to be a healthier habit than smoking and is recommended by medical practitioners for those undergoing pain-relief therapies using medical marijuana. Over time, due to the constant heating, the glass may thin out and start developing cracks. Always check before you start the inhalation process and replace the bulb if it shows damage.


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