How To Make a Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook

Memories fade fast, but you can certainly store them in scrapbooks. While modern technology presents more options through the computer in storing mementoes of your life, there is nothing like an old fashioned photo album or scrapbook to make you relish the beautiful years behind you that you have shared with your spouse.

Follow these steps in making a wedding anniversary scrapbook:

  1. Plan your scrapbook. Make a list of the items you want to put in each page and note down the source so you know where to get them. Make a sketch also of the front and back cover and decide what color motif you are going to use. It will be nice if you use colors that represent the year of the anniversary. For instance, you may use silver or grey for silver anniversary, gold for golden anniversary and pure white for diamond or pearl anniversary.
  2. Contact friends and relatives and ask them to contribute to your wedding anniversary scrapbook. Some of them may have in their possession dated photos of you and your spouse which you may borrow for scanning. Or you may just ask them to write down notes and messages that you can post in the pages of your scrapbook.
  3. Include photos that depict your love story through time. Classify these photos according to period: courtship, proposal, engagement, wedding and honeymoon. Pick not only the good photos but also the candid shots for a touch of humor.
  4. Get photos from each year of your marriage especially those taken with your children to show how your family has grown through the years. Photos from your travels and momentous events will also make an interesting feature so don’t fail to include them as well.
  5. Bring in the tokens that you shared from the days of your courtship to your wedding up to the present time of your life together. Letters, cards, tokens, napkins, book markers, pressed flowers, ribbons, wedding favors and invitations from years back are priceless things that should have a space in your wedding anniversary scrapbook. You may attach a nice envelope on the inside back cover of your scrapbook for these items.
  6. After you have finished gathering the things that will comprise your wedding anniversary scrapbook, you can now create the pages. Make the pages special by embellishing each one with ribbons, cutouts, sketches and other trimmings. The photos will make up a story for every page and they will certainly “do the talking” when well laid out and arranged chronologically.
  7. Make sure that the colors used in your wedding anniversary scrapbook don’t clash in one page. Each page should have an individual color. For the honeymoon page for instance, pink or rose is an ideal color.

Making your wedding anniversary scrapbook can be doubly fun if you share the project with the whole family. If you have children who are in middle childhood or teen years, they can throw in their creative side by helping you design and assemble the scrapbook. So in the end, you are again creating more memorable moments for the family while you are preserving the wonderful times you all shared in previous years. 


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