How To Make an Action Movie Chase Scene

Shooting an action movie chase scene is not as hard as you think. All you need is preparation so that you can come up with an action movie chase scene that you can be proud of. You do not actually need a very high budget in order to shoot the best action movie chase scene.

Here are some of the tips that you can use in order to make an action movie chase scene:

  • Script. The first thing you have to make sure is that you have a good script. Any filmmaker will tell you that creating a good scene depends on how good your script is. You have to have your vision on paper so that you can carefully plan how you will shoot your scene. You do not necessarily have to include every detail on your script as long as you know what your vision is. Leave room for your actors to improvise.
  • Camera angles. In order to get a good chase scene, you must shoot the scene from different camera angles. This will give the editor a lot of choices when it comes to cutting the scene. Shoot close ups, mid shots and wide shots of the entire chase scene. You can also choose to shoot with multiple cameras so that you can get the exact same action from different angles in one take.
  • Get coverage. Shoot the scene over and over again until you get the shots that you want. Even if the whole chase scene will only last for a few seconds or minutes, you must take time to get all the shots that will make that one scene priceless.
  • Editing. Getting a good action sequence relies heavily on the editing. The editor must review hours of footage in order to get the right shots for that one scene. If you are the director of the movie, it is important that you sit with your editor and tell your editor what your vision is for the movie chase scene. This will definitely be a big help to your editor. You can collaborate with each other so that you can come up with the best action sequence fit for your movie.
  • Sound effects. An important part of a scene is the music that you will choose to go with it. If you are doing a chase scene, the most appropriate type of music that you can choose is a fast, upbeat music. The sound will make the chase scene more rapid and it will make it look raw.

These are some of the tips that you can use when you are shooting a movie chase scene. The thing to remember is that you must have a reliable and hardworking crew so that you can make your vision come true. Remember that you cannot make a movie on your own. It takes a team to achieve your vision for your entire film. To get more tips on chase scenes, you can watch movies and review different scenes to get some inspiration.


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