How To Make an Overhand Knot

Making overhand knots is very easy to do. This is one of the most commonly used knots, one that you probably are doing every day. It is also the most basic type of knot. If you go camping often, or are interested in making jewelry, you should learn this knot. All you need to have is a cord and both of your hands. Overhand knots are commonly used in making bracelets or necklaces. This kind of knot is usually used when you want your cord to be secure and if you intend it to be permanent. This is why they are so versatile. The beadwork of your jewelry will be secure, and your tents will be stable. Double overhand knots are also commonly used because they make the knots you make even stronger than overhand knots. This type is more heavy duty. If you need a heavy duty knot, overhand knots are the best to use.

Here are the steps on how to make an overhand knot:

  1. Make a loop at the beginning of your cord. Take two long cords and fold them both in half forming a loop. This will give you the base for your overhand knot.
  2. Hold the folded end of the cord with one hand and make the same loop in the beginning. Make sure that all of your loops are neat and tidy so that your knot is secure.
  3. Secure the folded end of the cord and slide it under the loop, making it look like a pretzel. Hold all of the loops securely.
  4. Pull the cord and tighten it, making it secure. Your overhand knot is done.
  5. If you want double duty protection, try making double overhand knots. All you have to do is make a loop with the cord or string. Take an end of the cord or string and string it over, then under the loop. Pull the strings tight to secure it.

With these very simple steps, you can make an overhand knot in no time. Try making overhand knots to secure cords, bracelets, necklaces, wires, and ropes. There are many things you can do with overhand knots. Try making a lot of overhand knots in one string to create a unique bracelet. If you want, you could go a step further and make a lot of overhand knots in several strings. You can string them together to make a unique, layered bracelet or necklace. Also, you can use this knot when you want to organize your house. This knot is useful for keeping things in place, especially in the garage. You can hang your tools or materials inside a piece of cloth and use the overhand knot to hang it from the ceiling. This means you’ll save up more space in your garage. For heavier tools like lumber, why not use several cords with the double overhand knot? It is perfect for that purpose because it’s more heavy duty than the single overhand knot. There are many things you can do with an overhand knot.


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