How To Make an Overhead Projector

Overhead projectors are very useful devices. They can double, even triple the size of a regular TV screen. This makes watching movies and videos much more enjoyable. You can even connect your computer to the overhead projector for a bigger monitor size. Viewing pictures can be much more fun with overhead projectors. Connect it to a DVD or VCD player and enjoy movies just like in the cinema! You can do a lot of things with overhead projectors. However, overhead projectors can be quite expensive. You can buy them at retail stores for hundreds of dollars. Buying an expensive overhead projector is not very practical, especially if you are on a tight budget. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits of overhead projectors. It is very easy to make your very own overhead projector. With a few simple materials, you can enjoy using an overhead projector in your home.

Here are some steps on how to make overhead projectors:

  1. Prepare all of your materials. You will need quite a few materials to build your own overhead projector. You will have to prepare a total of eight wooden planks. It will be better if you plan the size of your overhead projector ahead of time so you can measure accurately the size of your wooden planks. Basically, you will need the four planks to be the same size. They need to be slightly bigger than the remaining four planks (which should also be all the same size). Make sure that the measurement of the bigger planks can fit the video projector. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the frame. You will also need a white sheet of paper, a simple video projector, and a DVD player. To hold all of your planks together, you will need some nails or a screw. A nail gun or a screwdriver will also help you, but a simple hammer will do.
  2. Start to arrange all of your materials for your overhead projector. If you want, you can sand your wooden planks beforehand so it has a smooth finish. However, this isn’t necessary. Take the bigger pieces of planks. Nail or screw them together so they form a square. All of the planks need to be the same size so you won’t end up with an uneven overhead projector. This will be the frame of your overhead projector. Then, fit the smaller pieces of planks inside. You may need to adjust the measurement of your planks depending on the size of your frame. Use nails or screws to attach the smaller pieces of planks inside the frame.
  3. Put the piece of white paper inside the frame. Hang or place the frame of your overhead projector in an elevated place. Make sure that it is well coordinated with the projector.  Then, place the video projector inside the frame. Connect the video projector to the DVD player. Plug in both the DVD player and the video projector.

You can watch movies at home with a screen just like in the cinemas. Follow these simple steps and make an overhead video projector today.


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