How To Make DVD Covers

Making home movies has never been easier because of the many digital point and shoot cameras that allow almost anyone to capture videos. Because the film clips are all digital, they can easily be downloaded from the camera into the computer where software tools such as Windows Movie Maker can be used for editing. Once the DVD movie is finished, the final step is to create the DVD covers. Here’s how.

Download software. The easiest way to create DVD covers is by using DVD cover making software. Plenty of DVD burning software will also include a cover maker in the package. You can download these in the internet and pay through online banks or PayPal – if you want the powerful DVD burners and cover makers. There are, however, plenty of other free applications that you can download to make your covers. Install these in your computer after the download, by following the instructions in the dialog box.

Use layout applications. If you do not want to use DVD cover makers, you can also use layouting software applications such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher. Specify the size of the cover and then proceed to making the design.

Design. There are templates found in most DVD cover makers that you can use. However, one of the ways to distinguish your DVD is by adding a photograph or two, preferably from the scenes that are found in the movie. You can take screenshots from films, and then use an image editing software to sharpen the image and clean out the photo. This is especially important since pictures extracted from videos are usually very blurry and have lower resolutions to facilitate smaller video clip sizes.

Add text. Once the image is edited, the next step is to add the text. Create a title for the DVD, and add the other supporting text that is placed in the cover. This includes a short description of the movie, the scenes in the movie, and the people that are in the movie. You can also add other details such as date and time when the clips were taken. This will help you to organize the DVDs later on. If you have edited a home movie, you can also indicate the script writers, the director, the camera operator, and the video editor.

Print. Save the file and then print this using DVD sized paper.  The standard box for the DVD will need a cover that is 7.25 by 10.75 inches long. If you are using DVD cover making applications, these formats are already pre-installed. Place the paper into the printer slot, and print. If you are using high gloss paper, let the print dry out for a few minutes before inserting the cover in between the box and the plastic box cover.

Through these steps, making your home movie look like a pro is easy. You can also add DVD covers even if you are only saving data files in DVDS. Write the project name on the cover, and other details of the DVD content to help you in filing.


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