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Making own money

Making fake money can actually range from making play money for kids to use for their games, as substitute for your monopoly game money, or actually making counterfeit cash from real paper bills. Depending on what you want to do, you need different materials when making printable fake money. Here are some ideas:

  1. Construction paper. It is advisable that you use white to light-colored paper material that is hard enough so that the ink that you will use will not blot on the underside, because you may want to draw on that side like real money. You can use other types of paper as well, so long as it is strong enough for the amount of fake money you are making. When making counterfeit money, most creators use a special type of paper that you can buy in any office supply store. Fake bills require a bit of strength so they won’t get destroyed in the wash, so for fake cash to pass as real money, counterfeiters make use of this special paper to make the money “feel” real.
  2. Marker or pen. For your fake money, you can actually use a pen of any type or color. Children would most probably like the bills to be colorful, with designs of cartoons or maybe some other design that you and your children or friends would agree on. You can also add cartoon stickers or pictures for the different denominations if you want to. For real money, bills higher than five dollars have special ink that changes color, so it's very difficult to imitate this shimmer ink.
  3. Scanner. You can create fake cash by using your scanner and printing the bills according to the size and in the quantity that you want. And with modern software, you can further modify your design. Counterfeiters use the best types of scanner that the current technology allows so they can reproduce the full details of the bills they are trying to copy. However, paper bills are custom printed so no commercial printers can actually print the smallest details found on the note. To avoid detection, most counterfeiters make it appear that their money is a bit used so it’s old and can escape immediate notice.

Creating fake money is a project the entire family can take part in; kids will love making and using their own play money. Printable fake money looks a bit more realistic, but the kids may enjoy creating counterfeit cash using just their own artistic abilities. Fake dollars are fun to do and easy to make, so long as you don’t try using them to fool anybody by exchanging them for things that are to be bought by real money. Counterfeiting is a serious crime and you could end up being imprisoned for fifteen years or more. Most shops have counterfeit detectors, so if you think you want to try and have fun and get away with it, you’d better not. It’s better that you make use your artistic skills to have fun, not to cause damage to the economy.


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