How To Make Flash Powder

The next-door neighbor is bugging you again about the Fourth of July. He brags that he bought the loudest fireworks out there. He is even riding you about the teeny tiny fireworks you have in your line-up for this afternoon. You don’t need a big bang to put up a good show on the Fourth of July. Sometimes, a flash is more of a show than the loudest bang out there.

Flash powder is the thing that makes a flare flare.  It gives the boom to fireworks, and puts the fun into those many explosions. The way a flash powder works is that it burns rapidly through a mixture of fuel and oxidizers. Here are the simple steps to create flash powder so that you can outdo that pesky neighbor. It is highly volatile, so you should have a highly experienced person to guide you in its creation.

  1. The first part involves getting the needed chemicals. Flash powder is made from two principal chemicals, aluminum powder and potassium per-chlorate. These chemicals are dangerous and often quite expensive. Depending on your source, the aluminum powder might need to be grinded and strained to stop it from lumping. The resulting powder must be 400-600 mesh.
  2. Get the right proportions. It is important that you mix the two ingredients in the right proportions; otherwise you might be unknowingly creating a dangerous concoction. The correct proportion of flash powder is 7:3. This means that you need 7 parts of Potassium Per-chlorate and 3 parts Aluminum powder. 3.5 mg of this mixture should be the perfect amount for a small bang. Given the same proportions, measure out 2.5 mg of potassium per chlorate and 1 mg of aluminum powder.
  3. Mix it up. Once you have the necessary ingredients, it becomes time to put them all together. To prevent any sparks, use some anti-static spray to treat your work area. You can either buy commercial anti-static sprays, or mix your own with 9 parts water and 1 part fabric softener. While we are in the topic of safety do not crush, stir or press the mix. Although flash powders are not impact-sensitive, you are still dealing with dangerous chemicals, and it is better to be safe. One of the best ways to mix the powder is by using a piece of paper.  Pour each chemical on the piece of paper. Then, tilt and shake the paper until each of the powders rolls over itself.

Now, your flash powder is complete. Keep it away from any sparks or anything flammable because it is ready to ignite. All you need is a fuse for your powder and you are ready to create fireworks. You can also throw them unto a bonfire and create many colors. Also, remember to keep safe. Do not compress flash powder because it explodes when ignited. Do not use it indoors because you are more likely to burn your house down and the fumes it makes are toxic.  Lastly, do not look at the explosions because they are extremely bright and may hurt your eyes.


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