How To Make Homemade Games for Kids

Kids in the playroom

Homemade games for kids are worthwhile activities to engage in, given the increasing popularity of online role-playing games or RPG. This will give them some sort of “newness” with the way they spend their recreational time. Moreover, you can join them in those games and they become a family bonding activity. Homemade games for children will help them realize that even though advances in technology have led to advancement in the way children play nowadays, nothing is better than the value of playing with their family. Here are some games you can try with your kids at home:

  1. Prepare the materials. Almost all kinds of games – board games, card games, and thinking games – have become increasingly available in the market. Still, using materials already available at your disposal, why not create your own game?
  2. Maximize the materials you have. Homemade games will require you certain materials like a deck of cards, a pair of dices, a colored dice, colored cards, checkers, pennies, buttons or dried beans, which will act as markers. You will also need colored construction papers, empty egg crates, small paper balls, and old magazines or newspaper for your scrap paper. Materials need not be bought. Even simple ones like newspapers can be used. This way, you can also contribute to the protection of the environment by recycling such items in your house. Decide what game to make, and prepare the materials.
  3. Experiment with the rules. Create your own rules and allow your kids to engage in the creation process of your homemade games. In this part alone, they can develop critical thinking and creativity.
  4. Make it lively. Children are oozing with energy so when you try to create a homemade game for them, make sure that you make it lively and participative. For example, you can play with your scrabble tiles in such a lively fashion. First, put them all face down. Then, you will pick one and show the letter. Repeat this following a rotation among the players. When you are able to see a word from those tiles, you have to say it loud. This game is very much like Word Factory but it is more exciting and participative. You can create additional rules if you want. This type of game is exciting and it also develops critical thinking and quickness of the mind.
  5. Go out of the house. Don’t restrict yourself to indoor games. As much as possible, use your backyard to create your own homemade games. This will help them appreciate the importance of physical fitness while enjoying a game beyond those online RPGs or PlayStation and Xbox they are used to.

Homemade games are easy to create. As long as you have enough materials and creativity, you can easily create your own homemade games for your kids. Moreover, you can create such games not just by yourself.  You can ask them to join you in creating the rules so that they too can develop their own creativity and critical thinking abilities.  All you need are a sprinkle of creativity and an ounce of critical thinking to make that lively and fun-filled game for your kids at home.


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