How To Make Movie Gunshot Effects

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Ever wonder how you can make an action movie with gunshot sound effects? In order to achieve the most realistic sound of a gunshot, you may use an actual gun. But this is very dangerous and is not recommended. You would also need permits to actually carry this out. You can use a fake gun with blanks which are safer than using an actual bullet. But these are quite too expensive to use. You can use something simple like a firecracker or a plastic bag.

For using firecrackers, here is how to do it correctly:

  1. Choose a place that is clear from any obstructions. The area should be a small clearing where there is nothing that can catch fire once you light up the firecracker. Do not choose an area where there are shrubs or grass especially if it is the dry season when the leaves are most likely to catch fire even from a spark.
  2. You must have a recording device to record the sound of the firecracker. You can use a laptop microphone, a mini recorder or you can use your digital camera with the sound turned on to the fullest level.
  3. Put the firecracker on the ground. With a long candle, burn the tip of the firecracker to light it up. Be careful in handling the firecracker. Do not go near the firecracker once you have lit up the wick.
  4. Wait for the firecracker to explode while running the recorder. After you recorded the sound, clean up the mess and be sure that there are no more burning substances on the ground.
  5. Download the sound into your computer and with a sound editing program like audacity or music editor, enhance the sound by adding reverb or echo depending on how you wanted the sound to appear like.

For using a plastic bag, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a small room where there are minimal windows to “soundproof” the area. The ideal room should not be containing too much furniture as furniture absorbs the sound and does not produce echo.
  2. Set your recorder. You can use a laptop microphone, a mini recorder or your digital camera with the sound turned on. If you are using your laptop microphone, you can use the sound recorder in Windows or you can use a sound editing program.
  3. Put some air into the plastic bag by blowing air into it. Be sure that the plastic bag is not too large that you cannot blow it up by your hands.
  4. Turn your recorder on and pop the plastic bag.
  5. Download the sound and edit it with a sound editing program. Enhance by adding reverb, echo or amplify it.

Creating your movie does not need to be expensive. Improvising the sounds with simple equipment or things can still achieve the same realistic sound that you are aiming for. Making gunshot sounds is easy and you do not need to spend a lot to become a real movie maker.


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