How To Make Movie Props

Making your own movie nowadays is not a hard task anymore. Compared to moviemaking in the past, making a movie these days is quite a breeze. With technology becoming personally available to people, almost every single person is already capable of making her or his own videos or movies. Camcorders, for example, can provide good quality and cost less when you want to produce a movie. Of course, you should not forget about your props when making a movie, because having props makes your movie more attractive to the audience. Props also help make your flick more realistic. Props actually also contribute to the story that you are depicting in your movie.

Making movie props is not really that hard or that costly. You just need to have materials that you could probably buy in hardware stores near your place or borrow from a friend. The things you’ll need are some paint, wood, metal and Styrofoam. Now you can start making your movie props.

Before doing anything else you should always start by planning the things that you want to make. And so you should first make a list of the kind of props that you want to do. Some examples would be rocks, trees, or clouds. Making a list will make it easier for you because you can easily decide which props you should make and which props you can just buy or borrow from other people. Planning will also help you identify what materials and instruments to obtain for your props.

Take a look at your list and check if you have things that you can borrow. If for example you need some airplanes for props, you can consider going to a friend who has airplane models to save yourself from the hassle of building or buying your own.

Then after making your list, you must then decide which items should be three-dimensional and which items that you would do are for effects. For example, this step can help you decide whether to use paint to create your background.

There are instances where it is more practical to buy your props rather than making them. Examples of these items are household items such as dishware. You might as well consider visiting garage sales, second-hand stores, and flea markets where you can probably find items that can be used as movie props at very low costs. You might even find some useful items from these places, such as lumber that you could use in making your props.

Several kinds of materials can be used to make your props such as Styrofoam, wood, and metal and you might want to ask from your friends if they have any extra. Buying these materials would be more costly, so consider asking for them from your friends. They probably have scraps that they want to get rid of. You might also want to consider going to construction sites and asking for materials that are not useful to them anymore.

Making movie props does not have rules at all. The only limit to it is your mind’s creative thinking. Be innovative and creative when making your props so that it would make your movie as real as it should be.


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