How To Make Roads for Toy Cars

Making roads for toy cars is a fun activity you can do with your kids over a weekend. Not only will it foster family closeness but encourage your kids to be creative and cooperative as well. This article will discuss some techniques in making roads for toy cars made from a variety of materials. Here's how:

1. Make roads for toy cars using cardboard paper.

First and foremost, you will need to create a play map for the toy cars. The best would be one that includes merging roads, intersections, and zigzag roads. Creating a map to include houses, fire and police stations, hospitals, and parking lots is also a good idea. Once the map is ready, then lay out a big sheet of cardboard on a work table. Draw the roads on the cardboard as detailed on the map. You can use beads, popsicle sticks and other nifty craft materials to provide more details to the map. Use the regular white glue or a glue gun to attach the details. It would be a great idea to line the edges of the roads with either beads or small even-sized stones. You can use toy houses, toy fire trucks, and miniatures to add more life to the play map.

2. Make roads for toy cars using felt fabric.

This is a slightly more complicated project as it will require some sewing and cutting here and there. Again, create the play map first. Now, lay out a yard of felt fabric on your work table and trace the play map design on it. Now, use a dark gray colored felt fabric for detailing the roads for the toy cars. Cut the fabric according to the road design you have created and stitch these strips of felt fabric onto their designated locations on the play map. Use a running stitch to detail the dotted lines on the middle of the road. Again, you can use materials such as beads, popsicle sticks, or sequins to put in more details to the play map. These can either be stitched or glued onto the felt fabric. You can assign your kids to the task of positioning the toy houses, fire trucks, and miniatures on the play map.

Sure you can always bring your kids to the toy store and let them pick out play maps for their toy cars. But family activities such as this will convey more valuable lessons. You spent some quality time with your kids doing the project, and you also taught them that they can produce something beautiful from their small bare hands.


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