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Get Tips for Making Spy Cameras, Sunglasses and More

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So you want to be a spy, or have some cool spy gadgets and other stuff to play with at home. Hidden microphones, cameras, shoe phones, and other such things can be very expensive. Instead of spending the money you can MacGyver something up and create your own spy tools and gadgets. Here are a couple of easy things to make. Here's how to make homemade spy equipment.

We start with basic home spy stuff: invisible ink. This is a classic; it’s used to keep others from reading the messages you want to send. Use lemon juice to write a message on paper. The lemon juice will disappear and hide the message. Write something else on the paper in visible ink; blank paper is suspicious. When someone wants to read your message all they have to do is heat the paper up.

Hidden things and things which are not what they seem are pretty standard spy stuff. There are many ways to hide things. Use a hollowed out tube of chap stick to put a recording device in or hollow out a book to hide valuables in. The latter isn’t recommended since that is a well known trick; many robbers will check books first.

Spy sunglasses are always useful for spying. You could put a mini spy camera in some chunky inexpensive sunglasses to record anything you see. This procedure involves some electrical knowledge and soldering so it is slightly more difficult to do, but when it's done you've got a nice piece of advanced spy equipment. Spy cameras are great because you'll be able to go back and watch what you saw earlier.

The easy way to use sunglasses as spy stuff, other than for cool camouflage, is to see behind you. Get a pair of sunglasses and some sticky mirror material from the hardware or decorating store. Cut the sticky mirror to fit in a small area on the outside, inner edges of the sunglasses and apply it there. Now you can see if anyone is sneaking up on you. Don’t try to drive in these or do anything otherwise which requires peripheral vision as they cut down on it considerably.

Now to make a harder spy thing: the stun gun. Before making one of these make sure it is not considered an illegal device in your area. First, get a disposable camera. Next, open the casing of the camera, carefully with a screwdriver, and remove the battery. Then, attach half of a paperclip to each side on the end of the capacitor with needle-nose pliers. Last, put the battery back in very carefully; it could shock you otherwise. You push the flash button to charge it and you can use a screwdriver to see the spark.

These are only a few ways to make spy stuff to play with at home. Use any and all spy devices with care. There are surveillance laws and the shock gun can get you in trouble if used wrong. Have fun, use your imagination and let your inner spy free.


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