How To Make Stickers

Making your own stickers is a fun and interesting activity; this can be a simple holiday family project or part of your class assignments or projects, or even a cost-saving exercise for your work or business!! There is no end to the creativity or artistry you can employ while making stickers, you just need to let your imagination run riot!! Follow the steps listed below to make stickers by yourself.

Step 1

Materials required. You will need plain writing paper, clear contact sheets with backing, colored pens, pencils, crayons or paints (the choice is yours), a pair of scissors, interesting templates or cut-outs of words, figures or pictures, etc (optional).

Step 2

Putting the design onto paper. On the plain paper, draw out your sticker or write the necessary copy in bold and clear letters. Use color to make it more attractive and pleasing to the eye - you can use the paints or pens or crayons for this. In case, you are using a readymade template or cut-out, fix the same onto the paper or trace out as per instructions.

Step 3

Cutting the design. Using the scissors, cut out the image or design you've just prepared in step two.

Step 4

Preparing the contact sheet. Cut-out as much of the contact sheet you need to cover your design fully. Carefully remove the backing from the contact sheet and save it. Paste the contact paper carefully over the design, so that the entire design is fully covered by the contact sheet. Make sure to cut the contact sheet at least half an inch away from the edges of the design. Cut the contact sheet along the contours of the design with the half inch space included.

Step 5

Readying the sticker. Carefully peel the cut-out contact piece from the paper, take care not to pull it suddenly or roughly. Stick the saved backing back to the cut out contact sheet and, voila! your sticker is ready. Remove the backing when you need to use the sticker.

You can use clear tape in place of the contact sheet, but in this case, the sticker should be immediately used since there is no backing for tape for the sticker to be stored and keeping it unused can dry out the gum or adhesive on the tape. There is a wide choice of suggestions and material available on the internet on how you can make stickers and you can keep experimenting with this project for a very long time.


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