How To Make Your Own Fog Machine

If fog effects dazzle you, maybe you should try to create your very own fog machine. A smoke machine is an instrument that produces a thick mist or smoke. It is commonly coined as the “fog machine”. Smoke machines can be used various occasions where a fog effect is desirable such as in theater performances, night clubs and in Halloween parties.

If you do not have a fog machine to use then here are the steps to follow in creating your own smoke machine.

Get an iron ready. You can buy a second hand iron from a yard sale. Once you have an iron on hand you must set it to high heat, but do not plug it yet. Get an aluminum container big enough to fit the iron. Align the iron in the mid part of one of the aluminum containers, flat-side up. After you have placed the iron in the tin container, make an opening in the base corner of the pan. The hole must be broad enough for the iron's plug to slip through. Draw the cord of out of the hole, while holding the iron in the center. Use the hot glue and aluminum foil to secure the open breaches of your container.

Keep the iron steady. You can balance the iron in the center of the container by putting in enough amounts of crushed rocks or stones in your tin container.

Design a trickle device. Get a 25 ounce plastic bottle then cut it in half using a scissor or knife. Use a needle to prick holes in the bottom to serve as a fog juice feeder. Test if the water seeps well through the hole by putting 2 inches of liquid in the bottle.

Connect the plastic bottle. Procure another aluminum container roughly the same size as the first one. Turn it bottom up then position the fog feeder in the center. Put X marks where the needle holes drop on the aluminum. Cut a 1/4 inch holes on every X. Rearrange the bottle in order that the holes in the bottle and the aluminum will line up. Affix the fog feeder in place.

Install the fan and the battery. On the second aluminum, affix the case of a fan on the center and mark its place. Cut a hole about 1/4 inches tinier than the mark. Put the fan again over the hole using hot glue. Next, cut the red and black wires of the fan. Take off the rubber coating of each wire using a cutter to expose the copper wire. Attached the red wire to the positive end of the 12 volt battery and tape the black wire on the negative end. Simply disconnect one of the attached wires from the battery to turn off the fan.

Connect the pans. Seal in the pan containing the iron with the down-side up pan for the borders to line up. Before plugging the iron to you have to check the temperature, and make sure that the holes of the feeder drip directly upon the warming element of the iron. Staple the edges of the pans by the time you have attained the appropriate temperature. Let the air to circulate by leaving an opening between the pans. This will prevent liquefaction. Turn off the iron once it gets too hot so that it won't melt the glue you used to fasten your vessel.

Try creating fog. Switch on the case fan and fill 2 inches of fog juice into your fog feeder. You will see fog beginning to puff up from the case fan after several seconds. Now you can start using your fog machine and enjoy the fog effect in your party.
Like timer machines, haze machines can make your event more exciting because it can add an eerie atmosphere as well as it can amplify lightning effects. So, go and try to make your own fog machine.  


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