How To Make Your Own Soothing Massage Oil

Photo of lavender massage oil

Ever wondered how soothing massage oils are made? You can actually create your own massage oil, which is very useful for relieving stressful bodies. The massage oils are great not only to facilitate massages, but also for baths or simply as a way to relax with aromatherapy. Here’s how.

  1. Prepare the base. The base for the soothing massage oil is plain baby oil. There are several kinds of baby oil available in the market today, some with combined ingredients and scents. Avoid these and choose the plain variety, which will act as the carrier oil for your massage oil.
  2. Add the fragrant essential oils. Next, add in the fragrant oils. When it comes to massages, soothing the senses does not only involve the sense of touch, but also the sense of smell as well, which is why aromatherapy is an integral part in creating good massage oil. There are plenty of fragrances that you can incorporate into the massage oil. These are usually available as essential oils. When choosing fragrant essential oils, choose not only those that have great scents but also those which have healing and soothing properties. Among the common fragrant oils that are used are lavender, jasmine, vanilla, rosemary, and other herbal scents.
  3. Add the nourishing essential oils. Next, add in some nourishing essential oils which will be absorbed by your skin to promote better health and a softer body. Some of the common nourishing oils that you can use are jojoba oil, oils from various seeds such as almonds and grape seed oil, as well as apricot oils. These also help to allow easier absorption of the oil into the skin, to create a revitalizing effect on the body. As general rule, you should add approximately twelve drops of the oil for every ounce of baby oil that you will use.
  4. Add in herbs. Another way to prepare your massage oil is to allow herbs to infuse. Choose the herb that you want, such as lavender petals, rosewood, witch hazel, or rose hip seeds and place these in the oil. Allow the oil to infuse for around three days. Be sure to shake the bottle every day so that the infusion will spread evenly throughout the bottle.
  5. Use. Once you have prepared the massage oil, you can apply it liberally on the body of whoever you want to massage. You can also use it as a soothing oil to add to your baths, which your body can absorb. This is particularly useful if you will bath in a Jacuzzi or a jet pool, where the powerful jets of water will help to massage your body. If you are professional massage therapist, it is best to create a combination of essential oils that are tailored for each client, so that the client will benefit optimally from the massage oil.

Massage oils in the market are usually very expensive. Through these steps, however, you should be able to create soothing massage oils that are tailored to your exact needs and which do not need to cost you much.


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