How To Measure the Quality of Life

It is exceedingly difficult to measure the quality of one's life. The reason for this difficulty is the fact that life is unpredictable. One day may be horrible and the next day may be amazing. Does this make the average quality of one's life mediocre? The answer to this question may be, "Absolutely!" to some people and, "No way," to others. Given that each individual places different criteria on determining the quality of life it becomes horrendously difficult to measure.

If you are going to attempt to measure the quality of life it is essential the criteria and definitions for that set of criteria be established. For example, physical and emotional pain may lessen the quality of one's life, but a scale would need to be developed to determine how much weight that has in the determination of the quality of life. Additionally, physical and emotional pleasure and joy may increase the quality of one's life, but a scale to measure these aspects of life would also need to be established.

Once criteria have been set and a means in which to measure that set of criteria has been established the next step is to record the goings-on of one's life for several days. Everything that increases or decreases the quality of one's life according to the previous defined criteria should be recorded. At the end of the recording period you can determine where the quality of the life is based upon your measurement standards.

Though a means in which to measure quality of life has been outlined, it is important to remember that each individual is going to have vastly different criteria from other individuals. This simply goes to show that people are different and have very different needs, wants, and desires. It is important to remember that just because someone may not have a very high quality of life to your particular standards does not mean that he or she does not have an astronomically high quality of life to his or her standards. Keep in mind that it is the individual that must cope with his or her life and life circumstances. When measuring the quality of life try to simply keep an eye on your quality of life and do the best that you can to improve it. Try your best not to judge others for the ways that they choose to live because they very well may be quite happy and content.


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