How To Organize a Classic Cinema Showcase

It’s not yet goodbye for the good old days of classic American cinema. Although people are more interested in watching movies online or renting DVDs, you can still organize a classic cinema or movie theater. Showcase the classic films from New Line, Regal, and other big movie producers without the need to setup a very large room or without spending a lot of money. How can you have those classic show times? Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose the classic movie you will showcase. The best thing about classic movies is that many of them are already in the public domain. Meaning, you can download a copy of classic movies without worrying about its copyright. Many local classic movies are good films too. You can consider showcasing a Hitchcock movie for a hair-raising experience. Try a Charlie Chaplin movie for a lighter movie experience.
  2. Decide where to get a copy of the classic movie. A lot of classic movies today are already in their digital formats. Though you can always get the VHS, Betamax, or reel-to-reel films, it is highly advisable that you get a digital format. Digital formats are more flexible to use with most of the modern devices we have now. The fastest way you can get a digital copy of classic movies is through downloading them from online movie databases. YouTube can be a good source of classic films also. If not, try to scan your nearest video rental house. They must have some great classic movie titles there.
  3. Prepare the “movie theater.” You must always consider the number of expected attendees when getting a place. A small auditorium is enough for a hundred or so viewers. A classroom, small center, or cafe is okay for a local cinema showcase for 50 or so people. Your garage or basement is enough if the cinema showcase will be for your family only. Wherever you choose is okay as long as it can give an aura similar to the classic theaters. To do that, the room should be dark and close enough. A dark room can offer better movie viewing, while a close room can provide better movie theater sounds. Convenience in the café, civic center, or auditorium is important for the theater feel as well. Make sure it is clean and cool, similar to your local theaters.
  4. Prepare the equipment needed for a cinema showcase. Have something that can play the classic movies like a DVD/CD player or a computer. A projector is also better than a big TV. But if that TV is really huge, then that is better. Don’t forget the stereo speakers too. The louder the speakers, the better the overall effect. Proper arrangement of the speakers can help for good sound production. It is advisable that you put a stereo speaker on every side of the room.
  5. Prepare the tickets and promotional materials. Having a free cinema showcase with your friends or family will not require preparing tickets and promotional materials. But for educational or other purposes, having tickets and promotional materials is advisable and fun.

Simply follow these steps and you can definitely have an unforgettable classic cinema experience whether you’ll watch a New Line or Regal classic film. And, uh, don’t forget a pile of hot popcorn during show times.


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