How To Organize a Fundraising Pub Crawl

Fundraisers for a particular charity can be more successful if the event is fun. There is no place more enjoyable than in a large pub where there are overflowing drinks and a larger number of friends. The best part about it is that people drink or get drunk in the name of a good cause. Furthermore, the event can be a theme party as well complete with costumes, games, and decorations. A fundraising pub crawl is easy to organize. As long as the beneficiary of the funds is an acceptable charity cause, gather some of your friends and start planning a fantastic fundraiser.

Plan the fundraiser. Gather the people involved for a planning session. Determine the cause and beneficiary of the event and funds. Decide on the pub crawl party theme. The event will be more enjoyable if it has a theme to follow where the people can wear costumes and engage in various games. Make a list of the thing you will need like decorations, music, entertainment, host, and most importantly the pub. Make a list of potential pubs that can house the event. Aside from this, your team will have to decide whether the event will accept donations or will charge a fixed fee for the participation of the event. A fixed fee is the more popular choice since it can pay for some of the pub’s services and will ensure that funds will be raised.

Choose the pubs. Since you have made a list of the pubs where the event can be housed, visit the pub on the top of your list and negotiate the event. Most pubs will want to house your event since they should see more income for that night. Negotiate a concession with the pub based on the fees. Try to get the pub to donate some drinks and foods for the participants with the promise that a lot of people will be paying more as night goes on to the wee hours of the morning. Visit all the pubs and negotiate the best deals. Some pubs may even donate some of the earnings of the night to your cause.

Create and post the marketing materials. Once you have finalized the details with the various pubs, create flyers and posters about the event. Make sure to include the charitable cause, the pubs involved, and other details of the event. If you have the funds, have t-shirts printed with the logo of the event. Wear this while giving away flyers for added publicity. You can sell the shirt as well during the events as a token or memorabilia of the night. Make sure to send invites to the people you know and to the VIPs of the night.

Get sponsors. Parties and events are great ways for companies to get more exposure. Visit any of the local companies relevant to your cause or event and solicit donations and sponsorships for the pub crawl in exchange for advertising during the event. This will increase the funds you can raise and take care of any expenses on your part.

If you have organized everything properly, you should arrive at the day of the event with confidence. You will know if the event is a success once you count the funds after. The more enjoyable it is for people, the more donations and contributions will be received.


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