How To Organize a Luau

For a little tropical fun with family and friends, you can organize a luau or a little feast between friends. You can organize the luau during someone’s birthday, or just to spice up a weekend with friends and family. Here’s how.

Location. Start is determining where you will hold the luau. As much as possible, it should have a tropical feel to it. If you have access to beaches nearby, you can hold the luau there. Of course, if traveling to better and sunnier locations is out of the question, you can simply choose any outdoor location that is available, such as the backyard or the park.

Weather. Make sure that the weather is cooperative on the day when you will hold the luau. Check the weather forecasts on the television, or visit the Internet and type in your location to find the weather forecast for the days when you expect to hold the luau. If you do not want to postpone the luau even if the weather is a bit cloudy, you should make sure that you have large umbrellas and carts that will allow you to bring the food inside the house so that you can continue the party indoors even when it rains.

Decorations. The luau theme will come to life with the right decorations. Even better, these decorations do not need to be expensive. Visit your local crafts shop and look for tropical looking items such as papers that are brightly colored and which have tropical drawings, such as bird of paradise plants, palm trees, beach balls, and coconuts. You can also download these images from the web and print these out in paper. Afterwards, you can cut them out and hang them around the venue. You should also buy colored glasses and tumblers, and garlands that you can hang around the house. Also be sure to have the little umbrella garnishes that you can place on your drinks.

Food. The menu should be carefully thought of. Choose foods that are easy to prepare and easy to eat, since the luau is not a formal dinner. You should also choose foods that are thematically linked with the luau. Some of the Hawaiian foods that you can try out are lomi salmon and barbecues. You should also make sure that you have Hawaiian punch in a large bowl to keep the guests filled.

Dress. The dress code is another factor that will make the luau theme come brightly to life. Ask your guests to come in tank tops, shorts, sandals, and straw hats. If possible, you can even ask the guests to come in the traditional Hawaiian skirt, if these are available. In any case, most guests will usually have a pair of Hawaiian print shirts in bright colors that they can wear for the occasion.

Music. Finally, burn a playlist of upbeat tropical music. Listen to some samples of Hawaiian music, which is heavy on drum beats and funky rhythms. Look for songs in your library that have these characteristics or download these songs from the Internet.

Through these steps, you should be able to have a luau party that you and your guests can enjoy. Be sure to prepare the camera to capture the fun moments in the luau.


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