How To Organize a New Years Eve Party

The New Year’s Eve Party is one of the year's most awaited celebrations, where people get to say good bye to all of the troubles and problems in the past and hopefully anticipate the exciting New Year. Organizing the party, however, needs some time and preparation if you want the party to stand out. Here’s how.

Invites. Start by creating a guest list of all the people that you want to be present in the New Year’s Eve Party. Once you have created the guest list, send out invites. As much as possible, indicate on the invites the theme for the party, as well as other details such as the number of friends that your guests can bring, so that you will know in advance how much food and drink to prepare for the party.

Theme. The theme for the New Year’s Eve Party should be chosen carefully. The theme would guide you in getting decorations for the party. There are plenty of themes to choose from. You can go for simple themes such as color themes, such as Red themed party, or a Black themed party. You can also have themes based on your favorite locations, such as a luau theme if you are a fan of the tropical beaches. You can even create a garden themed party if you know of a great garden where you can hold the event.

Decorations and venue. Make sure that you set up decorations to suit the theme. Download images from the Internet and print these out before cutting them up and hanging them around the house. Light scented candles, fill in large ornate bowls with water and add small floating candles, or wrap garlands around the house. Hang in wreaths as well. The decorations are up to you and the theme that you have chosen.

Food. For the food, make sure that you determine first whether the party will have a formal dinner or not. If so, you will need to make sure that there are enough tables to accommodate all of the guests. Otherwise, you can settle for finger foods that the guests can avail of themselves. Set a buffet somewhere accessible in the venue so that people can have their fill whenever they go hungry. Also focus on the drinks that will be served. You can create fruit punch if there are children and teens in the guest list, or you can go for alcoholic beverages if the party is strictly for adults.

Program. Optionally, you can create a program for the party. For instance, you can create a video presentation of the past year that you can show to your guests, and you can add in some games to stir things up and get everyone on their feet. The program should be prepared in advance so that you will not have to guess at what to do next during the actual party.

Finally, make sure that you bring your camera and that you stock up on batteries and memory so that you will be able to take photos during the party.


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