How To Organize a Radio Promotion Campaign

Becoming an ultimate music star today is not impossible. There are so many tools and venues you can use to get the attention of big record label companies and finally enjoy one of the best jobs in the world — being a star. One of these tools is radio promotion.

Having your campaign on the radio will create a great impact for your band promotion or your own promotion. You may choose your songs to be aired in Radio Central or a virtual radio. You can even ask radio stations to sell or give away copies of your songs. But radio promotion can be very costly, though this promotion strategy is one of the greatest marketing ideas. Depending on your choice, you will spend as much as $2,000 for the first two weeks of a radio promotion campaign.

No wonder why some would choose band promotion by simply giving away a calendar. However, radio records companies will not buy this lame calendar promotion strategy. In the end, you should consider promoting your talent in a radio central or virtual radio. For that, you have two options—hire a promotion company or organize your own radio promotion.

It is much more costly to hire a promotion company than to just organize your own radio promotions. But this is one of the best ideas if you are planning to have a tour, region-wide or nationwide. Fortunately, you can still get the best value for your money by following these tips when hiring a promotion company:

  • Select services. Promotion companies are flexible. They do not just promote your music on radio stations but they can also take care of answering phone queries, shipping promotion CDs, and other jobs. These added services will also entail added expenses.
  • Reputation. Choose a promotion company with a good reputation in promoting music of your genre.
  • Format. Determine the format of your recording since most promotion companies only promote recordings that they can manage.
  • Supply. Make sure that there is enough supply of promotional CDs available in the promotion’s area of concentration.

If you are planning to promote only in your area or near your area, then it is a better idea to manage your own radio promotions. Here are some tips when you choose DIY radio promotion:

  • List down all the activities you will need to do for the radio promotion. You may include touring in selected cities and distributing CDs. The earlier you plan for these activities, the better, because you will have the opportunity to adjust your promotion schedule.
  • Hire someone to take care some of the promotion necessities. You can get a friend or maybe your fan to do some tasks for you at an hourly rate. They can manage answering phones or shipping promotional CDs. Sure, you will spend some money to pay them but their cost of service will definitely be lower than a promotion company. And if they are skilled enough, they can surely do tasks as competitively as professional companies.
  • Carefully select radio stations where you are planning to promote your recordings. The radio stations should be willing to play your songs. Or better yet, promote your songs.

Organizing a radio promotion campaign can be tiring. But with your burning desire is to be a star, you can be endlessly fueled to do this campaign no matter how time-consuming or physically challenging it is.


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