How To Pick Perfect Party Favors

Giving party favors has two purposes:

  • It is a way of showing appreciation to your guests for their presence during the party as well as their graciousness in giving you presents or in taking part of the program.
  • It serves as your souvenir or reminder of the special occasion that you just celebrated.

Party favors must be simple but creative. They should have exceptional designs too and must reflect the host’s personal style and taste. The following are suggestions on how to pick perfect party favors:

  1. Give party favors that are designed according to the theme of the party. Themed parties are the in thing today. Be it a birthday party, a baby shower party, a bridal shower party or wedding party – the whole gathering is unified by one theme. The theme could either be an idea, a color, a popular cartoon character, a movie or a particular era in history. Children’s parties are the most common occasions when themes are incorporated for the whole event. For a kid’s birthday party, you may present each guest with loot or goodie bag filled with candies, small toys, tokens and a figurine or card depicting the party theme.
  2. Craft your own party favors. If you have talent in drawing or making handcrafted items, you might as well make use of it in producing party favors. Cards, hand painted figurines, miniature paintings or small knitted items are interesting party favors. It makes the guests more appreciative to receive personally crafted party favors, especially when they know you made the articles on your own.
  3. Order party favors from well known party stores. Look for party stores in your area that are in the business for quite sometime already. Certainly these stores have many ideas about different kinds of party favors.
  4. Make use of gift bags that are reusable. Your guests will appreciate your favors better even if they are just mostly candies and small items if they are placed in recyclable bags. Try to give the bags a personalized look by drawing designs or placing silk screened images on them.
  5. Inspire the creativity of the guests by giving party favors that they can be busy with when they get home. You may give away sets of puzzles, painting designs or toys to assemble. 
  6. Think of items that are usable. Hooks, tiny hangers, paper weights, fridge door magnets, jewelry boxes, water jugs, paper fasteners and other useful articles will surely be much appreciated by guests.
  7. Choose party favors that identify you as the giver. For example, if you are come from a particular group in your community (e.g. Rotary Club, paramedic organization or lay ministers association), you may want to give out party favors that represent your group. For Rotary Club members, you may give away tokens with the rotary wheel design. On the other hand if you are with the lay ministers group, party favors with inscriptions of bible quotes and passages are perfect tokens to give your guests.

Party favors add glitter, fun and excitement to any gathering – be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary or just any occasion that is worth remembering. You do not need to give away expensive tokens. It is the thought, the sincerity or the spirit of sharing that is more important when giving away these souvenir items to your guests.


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