How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

Winning the lottery has always been everyone’s dream. Most of the front-runners create a system of choosing probable winning numbers, hoping for Lady Luck’s blessing. Here are a few notes on how to pick winning lottery numbers.

  • Birthdates. This is the most typical method used wherein you choose the specific birth dates of a few selected loved ones. These special dates are said to bring you good luck.
  • Other important dates and numbers. Examples of these are your wedding anniversary, the day you graduated, the day you got promoted, or any special day that is of great significance in your life. This method is another very common method used in picking winning lottery numbers.
  • The lucky numbers. Yes, even until these modern days, people are still engrossed in astrology and horoscopes that state each person’s lucky charms, lucky colors, and lucky numbers for each day. Pick out the lucky numbers and use them in your attempt to win the lottery. You can find these numbers in the daily newspaper, on television, over radio announcers and even online. This method held true for some people who won. If you are a bit doubtful on the results of your lucky numbers through these media campaigns, try finding a bona fide astrologer.
  • The delta system. This set of numbers is derived from previous winning combinations, by deducting a number from the number next to it. For example, the previous winning numbers were 7-18-5-24-10-33; the delta-based lottery number would be 7-11-13-21-14-23. The numbers you have created using the delta system still represent the winning lottery numbers. This usually works in a six-digit number that comprises 1-15 deltas instead of 1-50. Notice how lottery winning numbers do not usually have bigger numbers. It always occurs that numbers higher than 15 don’t come to existence in most grand draws.
  • Winning numbers from the past. Some lottery winners use again the exact winning lottery numbers from earlier times. Some believe in reincarnation in lottery; that the same win might happen again, only in the form of numbers, but to a different person. Since these were fortune numbers, they’re believed to be randomly selected again in future draws.
  • Randomization of previously selected numbers. Remember the dates of your loved ones’ birthdays or your special chosen numbers? You need not follow the same sequence you used before. Try to randomize the numbers. Avoid using the same sequence of numbers every time you play lottery draws.
  • Don’t trust tippers. You could be fooled by persons who leak tips of number sequences that they claim to be sure winners. Avoid these people. The question is why would they want to speak out the numbers to others? Why won’t they just play themselves?
  • Number choices that people don’t normally pick and the Science of Karma. Try testing your luck without following the typical number-picking methods like birthdates and ages. Take your random pick. Although the strategies mentioned above might work, the truth still remains that you are not in control of the situation. Ever noticed how many lottery players gambled on this game for almost their entire lives and still nothing happened? Notice that some people don’t exert too much effort in life, and yet luck is with them. Don’t worry too much. If winning the lottery is really destined for you, then you will have it. The point is not to make lottery your means of survival, your goal and your idea of happiness and success.

These are only a few helpful suggestions. Go on, take your pick and try your luck!


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