How To Plan a Bridesmaids' Luncheon

A number of weddings today are beginning to focus on the bridesmaids as well, through the bridesmaids’ luncheon where the spotlight is on the maids who have helped and supported the bride and her groom through the years. Although the luncheon is optional, it is a great way for brides consolidate and thank her bridesmaids before the wedding. Here’s how.

Date. Set the date for the luncheon in advance. Make sure that you factor in the bridesmaids who live in other states and who will only travel by plane to your wedding location. If you have these types of bridesmaids, you should ask them to come to your area a few days in advance so that you will have some time left to host the luncheon. Do not schedule the luncheon too close to the actual wedding, though, since the bride should be left to relax during the last few days before the wedding. Also, the last few days before the wedding is when small issues about the wedding are being ironed out.

Formality. Next, determine whether you want the bridesmaids’ luncheon to be formal or casual. Traditional weddings called for formal bridesmaids luncheons. Today, however, the rules are changing and the most important thing to consider now is what type of luncheon the bridesmaids will enjoy most. If the bridesmaids are more comfortable with a casual luncheon at a bistro of their choice, go with this instead of a stiff lunch at a formal dining restaurant that the bridesmaids may not necessarily appreciate. Try asking the bridesmaids beforehand, to get their opinion on the matter.

Gifts. Make sure that you give the bridesmaids a small gift or token not only for attending the luncheon, but more importantly for agreeing to be your bridesmaids. As much as possible, choose gifts that are tailored to each bridesmaid’s personality. A pet loving bridesmaid, for example, will appreciate gift cards to a pet shop. These personally chosen gifts will show exactly how much you care for each bridesmaid.

Decoration. Next, consider the decoration for the luncheon. Decorations are especially important if you are hosting the luncheon in a private place such as your own home. The easiest way to create a good atmosphere for the luncheon is by using fine china and by cleaning the house. Afterwards, you can add simple accents such as bouquets of flowers, floating candles, and seating cards with each bridesmaid’s name imprinted on the card.

Food. Make sure that you plan the food in advance and that you consider the diet restrictions that your bridesmaids might have. Do not serve anything too fattening especially if the luncheon is close to the wedding, since your maids may have trouble fitting into their dresses. Still, make sure that you serve at least a light three course meal. You can get catering services for the luncheon or you can cook and serve it yourself.

Be sure to send the invitations for the bridesmaids’ luncheon several weeks in advance so that your bridesmaids will be able to fit in the luncheon into their schedule. Through these steps, you should be able to host bridesmaids’ luncheons that will make your bridesmaid friends feel just as special as you.


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