How To Plan a Day-After-Prom Activity

Prom is one of the major highlights in high school so it becomes a major bummer when the clock strikes 12 and all of you Cinderellas have to go home while the adrenaline is still high. Then again think of the upside. You can get much-needed beauty rest and plan a whole day of post-prom activities with your friends! Post-prom is the time when you can really celebrate the awesomeness of what went on the night before.

Here’s how to plan a day-after-prom activity.

1.    Schedule it two weeks before prom night. Doing this will give everyone you plan to invite enough time to clear their schedule and their calendar.

2.    You and your friends should reach a consensus. What’s it gonna be? You, along with your friends should reach a consensus about the activity that you would all enjoy but it should be something that is clean, good fun and none of the dancing-at-the-club-and-getting-wasted nonsense. Remember that the idea here is to enjoy the freedom responsibly. Here are some post-prom activity suggestions.

  • Pool or Beach Outing
  • Picnic
  • Movie, Dinner, and Ice Cream
  • Raid the supermarket to stock up on ice cream and junk food then play video games at home all day
  • Karaoke
  • Comedy Club for a split-your-sides laughter
  • Amusement Park like Six Flags
  • Mini-Golf or bowling
  • A sleepover party complete with movies, popcorn, and soda
  • Book a hotel room in the city and look forward to a day of buffet spreads and shopping
  • Take in a concert
  • Makeover day by taking a trip to the salon. Get a new hairstyle, hair color, mani/pedi, and a scrub.

3.    Prepare the invitations ahead of time.  That is if you’re planning a big gathering that will include friends outside of your clique. You can post the invite by sending private messages on Facebook (posting your invitations privately ensures that no gatecrashers will invade the party), texting, and via traditional hand-written invites. On the other hand, if you and your friends are the only ones doing the post-prom activity it doesn’t have to be a complicated exercise.

4.    Always have a Plan B. Especially when the activity is going to be held outdoors. Just in case nature rains on your parade, you can escape indoors and continue with the activity.

5.    Choose a theme. For your clothes, accessories, decorations, and invitations when applicable.
6.    Plan the food and drink menu. No need to go gourmet. Simple hearty fare like Hot-dogs, Hamburgers, Chips, Dips, Ice Cream, and Soda will do the trick. However, you should include the suggestions of your friends in planning this. Let your friends and your invitees know that they will have to chip in money so you have cash to buy these at the supermarket. You can also ditch the idea of chipping in by assigning your friends the food and drink they need to bring to the activity. Just make sure they are aware of the head count so you don’t run out of food and drink.

7.    Organize a car pool. If the post-prom party happens at a venue other than your home, get your friends to volunteer their services through carpooling then take the whole gang convoy-style to the venue. It’s going to be super fun if you are all headed to the beach.

8.    Take pictures. A must. You can’t afford to go without a camera.

Prom calls for a celebration. Do it. All it takes is your parents’ seal of approval and you are off.


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