How To Play Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero has been amping up their commercials the past few weeks. One commercial had four future Hall of Famers in their respective sport--Kobe Bryant from basketball, Tony Hawk from skateboarding, Michael Phelps in Olympic swimming and Alex Rodriguez from baseball. I especially like the commercial where the beautiful Heidi Klum took a turn a la Tom Cruise.

This rhythm-based game is available in all the major platforms and has revolutionized the way we play video games. So you don’t have an excuse to not play it. You can use it to bond with your kids, renew your love affair with music, or quite simply, just reenact the greatest performances of your favorite bands.

We can help.  Here is a simple guide to the game Guitar Hero.  Follow this guide and you will soon be playing this awesome game.  You and your mates can spend hours upon hours of fun with this new game. Follow these simple steps and you can be a pro in no time.

  1. Your guitar. You are in luck, because the guitar used in the game is way, way simpler than an actual guitar. It is also smaller than an actual guitar but it is still enough to give you quite a challenge, especially in the more difficult rounds. On the guitar, you will see several key features that add to the game play. To begin, you will find a strum bar at the center of the guitar. Next you will find four buttons with four different colors. These buttons determine what note you play based on the combinations of these buttons. After this, the next part of the guitar is the whammy bar. This bar is close to strum bar and helps produce an extended note.
  2. Set it up. The next step to this is starting the game itself. First, you must attach the guitar to your gaming console. At the same time, turn on your TV and a major sound system for the ultimate experience. Turn on the console and load the game and if needed, your memory card.
  3. Choose your mode. Once you turn on the game you will be prompted by a main option screen. Choose your type of play whether you want to do Career, Quick play, Multiplayer or Training options.
  4. Career mode. If you choose career, you will have to name your band. You can be as creative as you like. The career mode is one of the most fun modes in this game because you can play up to 35 different songs in 4 different levels. You can also earn cash, and fame.
  5. Quick play mode. Quick play is fun and easy because you can choose any song that is unlocked in the career mode and you can get high scores.
  6. Multiplayer mode. The multiplayer is available when you have two controllers attached. For versions 2 and 3, you can play in face off splits as you play the song together.
  7. Tutorial mode. If this is the first time you are playing, try this mode first. Get the hang of the controls by playing the easier songs first and the tutorial mode will help you a lot.
  8. Get better. The only way you can improve is to keep on playing. As you play, you will feel the rhythm and get more used to the controls. Try the easier songs at the top of the play list first and work your way up.

So that is my guide to Guitar Hero. Most of all, remember that this is a game and the point is to have fun with it. Although it is okay to be competitive, don’t overdo it, because once you get addicted to Guitar Hero, it is hard to get back to normal.


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