How To Play Hangman

Are you unbearably bored out of your mind? Need something to do or pass the time with? Well, how about a nice, good old game of hangman? Do you remember this game as a child, but seem to forget the rules now? Or maybe you simply do not know how to play hangman! Well, here are the general rules and procedures of how to play the game of Hangman, step by step.

These are the materials you will need in order to play the game of hangman. You will need a piece of paper, a pen or pencil, any writing utensil will do, and another partner to play the game with. Now you can start and learn how to play hangman!

  1. Grab your paper and place it on a table.
  2. Grab your pencil and draw a straight vertical line on the piece of paper about three inches long.
  3. Draw another line going horizontally, connected to the vertical line, about 2 inches long on top of the vertical line. That will be your noose.
  4. Then draw another line about five inches long at the bottom of the first vertical line connected to it, going horizontally across as something for the vertical line to stand on.
  5. Now choose what word or sentence you would like to play with, and have your partner try to guess.
  6. Do not let your partner know what you chose. Keep it secretly in your mind.
  7. Now count the letters in your word or sentence, and draw a half inch horizontal line for each letter on the bottom of your paper. Each letter will have its own line to stand on.

Ask your partner if he or she knows what the word or sentence is. If not, ask them for a letter that may be in the word or sentence to put in a spot on a word holder. If it is right, put the letter down where it goes in the word or sentence. Then keep it going. If your partner gets a letter wrong, write it down on top of the paper so that they will know not to repeat it again.

On their first mistake, draw a head on the noose. Draw a simple circle for the third and fourth mistakes, draw arms. Simple lines will do. On the fifth and sixth mistakes, draw legs.  Simple lines will do. If you want the game to carry on further, you can draw eyes, a nose, and mouth. When you feel that the body is complete as you desire, the game is over because the "man" has been "hung". Your partner wins if they guess the word or sentence. Now you know how to play hangman!


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