How To Play Jelly Bean Hunt

The Jelly Bean Hunt game is a popular trend at Easter time, but also works well anytime of the year that the weather is good. The preferred age range for hunting jelly beans can be toddlers to about 10 years old, with appropriate prizes awarded for each age group. The Jelly Bean game is best played outdoors for maximum safety for the child. Indoor versions may be played, but great attention and supervision must be used to ensure the children are not putting their hands into cleaning and chemical cupboards or closets with valuables.

The purchased materials needed for the Jelly Bean game are minimal with paper bags or small woven baskets and a couple of large bags of jelly beans. For additional party activity, you may wish to provide the children with art supplies so they can decorate their own bag or basket. These materials are low cost and can be purchased year round at craft and dollar stores. In addition to the game pieces, a nice grand prize is required, something that every kid would love to have and will motivate them with the hunt. At Easter time, a big chocolate bunny prize will light up their eyes and get the Jelly Bean Hunt off to a rolling start.

The rules of the game need to simple for all ages to understand. Ground rules should be set forth such as no eating your jelly beans on the job, no snatching someone else's catch from their basket, and no climbing to seek the candies. Younger children may require some assistance from adults.

Set a time limit on the game of about 20 minutes. Jelly beans should be hidden from view, but not too obstructed that they are difficult to find. Children have short attention spans and may give up if their hunt is unfruitful. Also, be careful where you place the jelly beans. You do not want children reaching into shrubbery with thorns or guiding a child near the path of a swimming pool.

For older players, you might add a twist to the game that each child collects only one color of jelly beans. This adds challenge and competition to the game, just what every young person needs to learn. The Jelly Bean game is more fun when set to music and it's also an effective way to call time by shutting the music off when the game is finished. The Jelly Bean game can be the highlight of your party, and with a little wise planning, it will be cost effective for you.


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