How To Play Online Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes is a promotion strategy used by companies to entice consumers. The consumers join the sweepstakes, a game of chance, to be able to win cash prizes and different products from companies who are sponsors. Online sweepstakes have the same mechanics as regular sweepstakes but are played online. You can also win a lot of prizes from online sweepstakes just by participating.

Here is how you can play online sweepstakes:

  1. Find online sweepstakes website. First, you must find an online sweepstakes website that you want to join. One of the most well known websites is Before joining the sweepstakes, read the instructions and frequently asked questions to see if you are eligible to join. For, only legal residents of the United States can join the sweepstakes. There are other sweepstakes websites that cater to international players.
  2. Register. After reading the rules for the contest, you have to register for an account. Most sweepstakes websites allow you to have a free membership. You also have the choice to have a premium account for a small fee. In registering, supply your real name, a valid address and e-mail address. This information will be used when you win the sweepstakes. You can only make one account for yourself. If you do not conform to this rule, your account can be terminated and you will lose your chance to win the sweepstakes.
  3. Playing the sweepstakes. In playing the sweepstakes, you are only allowed to enter one sweepstakes period. The period of entering the sweepstakes varies from website to website. Wait for the drawing to see if you can win any prize. The drawings are random so you have an equal chance of winning as everyone else. The winners will be drawn 15 days after the end time of the sweepstakes.
  4. Winning. You will be notified through e-mail if you have won the sweepstakes. You have to reply to the e-mail as soon as you get it so you that you don't forfeit the chance to claim your prize. If you do not reply to the e-mail in 10 days, another name will be drawn. The prizes that you can win for free vary. Some sweepstakes give away cash prizes amounting to thousands of dollars while others give away different products, such as external hard drives, free gas, home theater system, vacation packages, gift cards and more.

These are the steps on how you can play online sweepstakes. If you want to win cash prizes and other items without having to spend money, you can take your chances on online sweepstakes. You can check the special offers on sweepstakes websites so that you can see what types of prizes you can win. Aside from the small drawings, they also conduct drawings to give away grand prizes. The grand prizes have a bigger value than the usual drawings so you have to always be updated on the upcoming drawings on websites.


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