How To Play Rosemary

Are the children running in the house? Well, here is a game they will love to play outside. There are different versions to this game; this article covers the instructions for the most common version.  You will need a large area outside where the children can spread out in a big circle. There is no limit on how many can play this game. Normally, this is a child's game - but the whole family can play. An adult will have to write some words down to give to Rosemary.

  • You will need a beach ball or kickball.
  • Have the children form a circle.
  • Choose one child to be "Rosemary".
  • Rosemary is told an activity to act out, or an animal to impersonate.
  • Rosemary is given the ball.
  • Rosemary moves to the center of the circle.
  • The children are to count to ten.
  • When they reach ten, Rosemary will throw the ball as high up as possible and act out the word or action that was given before catching the ball.
  • If Rosemary doesn't catch the ball, another word or action is given.
  • If Rosemary catches the ball and another child is able to guess the word, then that child goes to the center.
  • If the word is not guessed, Rosemary picks someone to be next and should throw the ball to that person.

This game is very popular in elementary school. Toddlers and very small children may not have the strength in their arms to throw the ball high enough and act out the word at the same time. If you have more than twenty children, you may want to divide them into two circles, but make sure the children are far enough apart from one another to be able to throw the ball up and not hit anyone. Older children can write some ideas for things to act out on small pieces of paper before the game.  Children really enjoy this game, and they love to brag about how high they can throw the ball.


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