How To Play the Homophone Game

What could be better than a game that can be played anywhere, even on a road trip, is educational and entertaining for children ages 6 and up, and manages to get the whole family laughing?

Playing the homophone game is just that.  It’s a game where players take turns thinking up clever sentences that include a pair of homophones. Each word of the homophone pair is then substituted with a single, spontaneously selected, silly word. The other players then try to guess what the correct homophone pair is.

Here are the steps to play the homophone game with your family.

  1. Remind all players that homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings.  Words groups such knight and night or carat and carrot, aunt and ant are excellent examples. When playing the homophone game with younger children use easier homophones such as see and sea, two and too, one and won, eight and ate, read and red or eye and I.
  2. Decide who will be first.  Either choose a name out of a hat or draw straws.
  3. Choose a homophone pair to make a sentence with, for example two and too. Then create a sentence for the homophone pair.  Here’s an example.  The two of us wanted to go to the party too.
  4. Now here is where it can get humorous when playing the homophone game.  Select a single word to replace both words in the homophone pair.  For this example, let’s use the word hippopotamus as the substitute word.  The hippopotamus of us wanted to go to the party hippopotamus.
  5. Then, recite the sentence out loud and ask the others to guess the homophone word pair.  The one who guesses correctly gets to take the lead in playing the homophone game by creating the next homophone pair, substitute word and sentence.

Not only is playing the homophone game fun for the family and a marvelous classroom game, playing the homophone game can be geared up to make a terrific party game for adults too.

Get a list of homophone pairs -- there are plenty of sources online -- and print each pair out on index cards, which can be laid out face down for individuals to choose from.  Decide on a time limit and use an egg timer.  You can even keep score.

Why not play the homophone game at your next gathering of friends?


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