How To Prepare for Acting Auditions

The Best Way to Ensure a Part in a Play

Preparing for acting audition

Learning how to show your best qualities will be the most important thing you can do to impress a director when auditioning for play.

  1. Know what they are looking for. If the play is a musical, have song and maybe a short dance ready, in case you are asked. Know what the play is about. It is not essential to have the play memorized or even fully read, but do make sure that you know the general plot and who the characters are, as well as the era and setting of the play. Show the director you already have a strong interest in the play and that you really want to be in it.
  2. Show versatile talent. Unless otherwise stated in the advertisement for the audition, most often a director needs to see a wide array of talent so it is best to have prepared two monologues of about 2-3 minutes each. Show versatility; one should be classic and one modern, or one comedic and the other tragic.
  3. You must be on time for you audition. First impressions mean a lot and no director can have a late actor at their rehearsals. Remember, in show biz, time is money.
  4. Get there early and begin to warm up. Do not think you can just show up and have a good audition, you must prepare mentally and physically for the audition. Start with rhythmic breathing and concentration on your practiced piece to perform. Shake out any and all tension in your muscles; this includes the ones in your face as well. Warm up your voice by singing sounds and making sure you get it to come from your diaphragm, not your throat. Stretch out your arms, back and legs. (This is very important if you have a dance to do). Forget who you are, forget the way you hold yourself and how you walk. Become your character.
  5. Go into the audition with confidence. The director knows you need confidence to be on the stage, so show that you have it in the audition. Be sure to not to draw any attention to your mistakes; they will see through those and if you cover well, it will be an added bonus. At the end, look the director in the eye and thank them for giving you the opportunity to audition for their play.


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