How To Prevent a Dog From Crawling Under a Chain-Link Fence

Keep Your Digging Puppy at Home

Chain-link fences are not much of a barrier to a determined puppy. While puppies may be too small to jump over even 4-foot fences, getting under a chain link fence usually is no problem. Chain link fences, because of how they are made, bend easily. It normally doesn't take a curious puppy very long to discover this quick escape route. A friend of ours showed us how to keep our new Doberman puppy at home. The solution is amazingly simple.

  1. Measure that part of your chain-link fence that is susceptible to being crawled under. That will probably be the entire chain-link fence you have around your yard.
  2. Purchase rebar in lengths that add up to the total measurement from step 1. The individual lengths of the rebar rods probably will not match well with the lengths of each side of your yard. You will take care of that with a hacksaw. For now, just make sure you buy enough rebar to go the whole way around your fence.
  3. Cut the rebar into lengths that work for your yard. Lay the rebar along the ground just inside of your chain link fence. When a piece of rebar is too long, cut it to the needed length using a hacksaw.
  4. Weave the rebar into the bottom link of your chain link fence. This is best done with at least two people. One person guides each rebar rod through the bottom links of the fence while the second person pushes the rod into the fence.

With rebar rods woven into the bottom links of your chain link fence, your puppy will not be able to bend the chain links and, thereby, crawl under the fence. The rebar stiffens the fence to create a solid barrier. After installing rebar in our back yard, our Doberman never again escaped by crawling under the fence.


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