How To Prioritize Your Daily Tasks Effectively

Many people always strive to manage their daily tasks more efficiently through proper time management. However, most people fail and will still experience missing deadlines and appointments. The reason behind this is because most people do not know how to organize and manage their time. A simple to-do list can actually work wonders but to be more efficient and organized in our daily tasks, let us delve deeper.

Plan your tasks. The first thing you should do on your way to  working more effectively is by writing down all the tasks that you will need to complete for each day, week, and month. Get a piece of paper and write it down. Make sure to indicate the deadlines of each task. Once you have written it all down, get a planner or calendar and start encoding the deadlines for each task in your list. This will provide you a timeframe to work on each task before the deadline. If new tasks come up daily, do not worry, all you have to do is update it on the calendar.

Set a daily schedule. Now that you are clear on the deadlines of each task, it is time to allot a daily schedule with each task integrated. Use a daily planner or calendar that lists each hour of the day. For each day, create a list of the tasks you can do for that day and divide them into time frames. Since your planner already has time divisions, this should be easy. Do not place a lot of task in a particular day. Make sure to divide your time in a way where you can complete each task for that day easily. Make sure to include some time on each day to complete partial segments of huge tasks with a later deadline. This way, you can slowly work on it and complete the task before the deadline. If you have meetings and appointments for the month, make sure to inculcate it into your daily schedules as well.

Mark completed tasks daily. Consult your planner everyday and mark off a task upon completion of it. If you do this religiously, you will see that your schedule and tasks will begin to clear.

Update new tasks daily. As soon as a new task comes up, consult and update your planner as soon as you can to ensure that you will be able to schedule it at the most convenient time.

Consult your planner regularly. After each task, make sure to consult your planner to see the next task. If you have time between tasks, you can choose to take a break or continue on the next task for an earlier completion.

Review your planner at the end of day. At the end of the day, review your planner and see if you were able to keep your schedule and complete your tasks. If there are any tasks that were not completed due to uncontrollable circumstances, make time on the next day to complete this. Make sure to update your task list for the next based on what you have completed on the current day. At the start of the next day, review your planner again and start working.

If you do these religiously, you will definitely become accustomed to it and will get more things done in time. However, a planner or task list is only good if you adhere to it. The important thing to remember is to start working and not be phased by what is ahead. Live and work on the present. The future will inevitably come.


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