How To Read a Sunrise Sunset Calendar

A sunrise sunset calendar is a calendar that shows the time when the sun rises and also the time when it sets for each day. There is other information you can get from a sunrise sunset calendar based on what type of calendar you use. Some of the information can include the number of hours that the sun appears, the moon phases and more. There are a lot of sunrise sunset calendars that you can view and download online. You can also purchase these calendars if you want to have a copy.

Here are some of the tips and terms that you will need to know how to read a sunrise sunset calendar:

  1. Sunrise and sunset. The most basic elements contained in the sunrise sunset calendar are the times for sunrise and for sunset. There is a clear definition for both sunrise and sunset. Sunrise is when the edge of the sun first becomes visible. On the other hand, sunset is the moment when the last edge of the sun disappears. You can make use of the calendar to set your alarm clock to see the sunrise.
  2. Moon phases. Some sunrise sunset calendars have other information, such as the moon types and when it will change. You can see legends on the calendar that will determine what type of phase the moon is for that particular time. Not all of the days on the calendar will have a moon phase symbol. Fields that contains the moon phase symbol means that the moon phase starts at that day. The moon phases are full moon, last quarter moon, new moon and first quarter moon.
  3. Sunlight in hours. You can also see the number of the sunlight hours for each day. This is calculated based on the time when the sun rises and when it sets. The sunlight in hours starts when the first edge of the sun is seen up to the time when the last edge of the sun disappears. There are sunrise sunset calculators that you can use online.
  4. Situation. The times that are placed on the sunrise sunset calendar are based on the most ideal situation where there are no elements that will block the view of the sun from the horizon. Some of the hindrances include hills and mountains. Another basis for this is the weather conditions. The times on the calendar are only accurate if the person viewing the sun is at par with the horizon. If the person observing the sun is at a higher altitude, the time of the sunrise will be earlier and the sunset will be later than the time on the calendar. The reverse will happen if the person is on a lower altitude than the horizon.

These are some of the elements and the conditions in order for a sunrise and sunset calendar to work.  If you want your own copy of a sunrise sunset calendar, you can visit a lot of websites and enter information on your location. The sunrise sunset times will then be calculated.


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