How To Read Contest Rules

I am sure everyone has come into this scenario sometime during their life.  They go into a supermarket or video store and look up at the bulletin.  Some kind of special fund-raising contest is coming to town and they want to win that big prize.  Those big prizes look enticing, but many times people fail to read the fine print at the bottom of the contest advertisement, only to find some kind of catch that they either didn't get or simply that they are not qualified to play in the contest.  When it comes to any kind of contest, you should always read the rules or better yet understand them.

Everybody has the same intention when it comes to entering any kind of contest, and that is obviously to win. The best example of this is state or national lotteries.  When it comes to lotteries it is best to read the contest rules to save you from any embarrassment.  Also, if you do become a winner, you will know what to do next. Sometimes the winner is required to mail information to the sponsor of the contest; sometimes the winner has to report back to the place where they entered the contest.

If you simply don't understand the contest rules or do not know how to read them, just ask a contest official or someone who has played before to read and explain the contest rules to you.  There is normally an 800 number to call for help. It is better to be safe than sorry. The more information that you have, the better prepared you are going to be when it comes to playing, and hopefully winning.

The fine print at the bottom of the entry form typically explains how to play the game, your chances of winning, the prices and what to do if you are a winner. Some will stipulate that relatives of the sponsoring company are not eligible to win, which could be devastating if your number or entry is chosen only for you to have to forfeit your winnings.

Another thing to remember when playing lotteries or other contests is that if you have monetary winnings over a certain amount, you will need to report it to the IRS. You can bet they receive a copy of the winners' names on their end of the deal.


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