How To Refill a Butane Torch Lighter

Butane torch lighters are very useful around the house. These can be used for lighting your candles, or for igniting your grills and even your fireplace. Butane torch lighters, however, will eventually need to be refilled, especially if you use your torch lighter frequently. Here’s how you can refill the lighter.

Type of fuel. Make sure that you only use triple refined butane fuel. There are plenty of butane refillers available in the market today. A trip to your local grocery store or supermarket will already give you a wide range of products to choose from. Do not base the refill fuel on price alone, however, but on the quality of the fuel. Better fuel will ignite without smoke and will last longer and will not cause clogs in your torch lighter.

Drain. Remove the excess butane found in your torch lighter by using a screwdriver to remove any leftover butane in the fuel chamber in the torch lighter. First of all, you should not combine one type of butane fuel with another. This includes butane fuel that is manufactured by different producers. Old butane should also not be mixed with new butane, since this can affect the quality of the fuel. With a screwdriver, you can apply pressure on the refill nozzle which will eliminate any leftover butane fuel.

Adjustment screw. Next, you need to close the fuel source from the igniting part of the torch lighter. This is a safety precaution that will ensure that you do not accidentally light the torch lighter as you refill it, which can cause the refill can to ignite and explode. This can be done by turning the adjustment screw for the flame in a clockwise direction until the fuel channels are completely blocked off.

Fueling. Next, press the fuel nozzle into the fuel container. Once you have done this, the fuel should start flowing into the fuel chamber in the butane torch lighter. Make sure that you do not over-fill the torch lighter since this can make the lighter leak. Be sure to to pump the butane container while refilling, since the pressure can cause the fuel tank to explode.

Resting. As butane is transferred from the container to the butane torch lighter, the pressure will cool down the butane. Before you can use the lighter, however, you will need to let the butane rest for some time. The resting period will heat up the butane to room temperature, which is important since butane will considerable expand as it reaches room temperature. If you do not allow the butane to rest and warm up, it can cause pressure in the fuel tank in the torch lighter, or can make the fuel tank leak.

Once the resting period is over, which is usually fifteen to twenty minutes, you should then open the channels connecting the ignition mechanism in the lighter with the lighter fuel tank. This is done by rotating the flame or fuel adjustment screw in a counter clockwise direction. Once this is done, you should try lighting the flame. Adjust the screw until the lighter ignites as usual.


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