How To Smoke a Cigarette

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Smoking is a filthy habit but someone has to do it.  The tobacco industry employs millions of people, from the humble farmer all the way up to the president of multi-million dollar companies like Marlboro, Phillip Morris and Camel. Even large sport industries depend heavily on the advertising money that cigarette companies pipe in to help them gain riches.

The government and special interest groups have been attacking the tobacco industry with so much fervor. The government has limited their advertising capabilities. They have passed laws that prohibit the use of cigarettes in certain areas. This is all because of something as small as causing cancer and killing people.

Fight back and help those who make a living through cigarettes. Learn to smoke a cigarette today.  Here's how:

  1. Pack the cigarette. While holding the pack wrong side up, tap the top of the cigarette pack on your hand. You want the tobacco in the cigarette to be packed tightly next to the filter. This maximizes the flavor of the cigarette for the most enjoyable smoke. Do this for 4 to 5 taps before opening the packet. After opening the packet, pull out a cig and proceed to the next step.
  2. Hold the cigarette. Tap the filter side on your hand several times before proceeding to hold it as you try to smoke it.  After packing it further, it is now time to hold the cigarette correctly. There are two ways you can do it. You can either hold it using your thumb and forefinger. The cigarette should be perpendicular to the fingernail and pointed away from you. Another way to hold a cigarette is by squeezing them in between the forefinger and the middle finger. Do this close to the fingernail so that you can control the cigarette better. The would-be lighted side of the cigarette should be pointing away from the palm. For lighting the cigarette, proceed to the next step.
  3. Light the cigarette. Put the cigarette between your lips up to the point where you can form an air tight seal around it but not far enough to touch the wet part of your lips. You can either place the cigarette at one side of the lips or directly at the center. Then, place a lighter an inch away from the tip of the cigarette. After the lighter has been ignited, move the lighter slowly towards the tip of the cigarette. As the flame touches the cigarette, inhale in short bursts to ignite the cigarette. Do not inhale the first smoke as most smokers do not take in the beginning inhalations.
  4. Inhaling and exhaling. After the cigarette has been lit, turn off your lighter or match.  Inhale the cigarette smoke into your mouth. Inhale the smoke in the mouth all the way into your lungs and hold it for a second or two. When you exhale the smoke, remove the cigarette first and exhale through your mouth.

There, you have learned the fine art of smoking. With just these simple steps, you are able to save a family or two at the expense of your own life. Smoking may give you a burning feeling in your throat at first but you can feel better in the long run as the good feeling of helping someone finally sinks in. It is either that or the nicotine and tar settling in your lungs.


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