How To Speak Gibberish

Latin is not the origin of language in the world. Sanskrit and Armenian are not the oldest languages in the world. My research has brought me to the conclusion that that the oldest language in the world is actually gibberish. For years children have used this seemingly fun language to do nothing more than play around in the backyard but there is more to this than you could ever think.

Have you ever heard infants try to talk? You will hear them do a goo-goo-ga-ga and boogly-boogly-boo and some other weird words. Did you ever wonder what these little things are saying? I don't know what they are saying but they might be talking about profane stuff. The freaky kid with the green cap knows about the meaning of life and we just aren't understanding him.

You can join in this infantile conversation and perhaps come out better than we ever thought. The secret language that they talk in within the circles of young babies is the pool of knowledge in the world. Follow these simple steps and you could be talking in gibberish and gaining knowledge beyond your wildest dreams.

  1. Break words down.  To begin talking in gibberish, you start by breaking each word down to each spoken syllable. Each syllable is identified by containing one vowel sound. For example the word magnificent would have four syllables, "mag"; "ni"; "fi"; and "cent". In some cases a single syllable may contain two vowels. An example of this is in the syllables of airplane, which are "air" and "plane."
  2. Insert a non-word at the end of each syllable.  Your choice of what sound to insert depends on the gibberish dialect you are using at the time. It could be as simple as adding "da" or any other syllable after each syllable. This should result in words like "mag da ni da fi da cent da" or some thing like "air da plane da."
  3. Make it even more complicated. Then add another word to the syllable that rhymes with the syllable. The word that you will add rhymes with the syllable but begins with a different letter. It can be any letter but for the purpose of this guide, let us use the letter "g". This should result in "magnificent" turning to "mag da gag ni di gy fi da gi cent da gent"  and the word "airplane" becomes "air da gir plane da gain".
  4. String sentences together. Gibberish doesn't work if all you can do is words. You have to be able to string word together to create a complete thought. Think about what you want to say and put the words together. Follow the same rules for all the words in the sentence. For example, the sentence "The airplane is magnificent" becomes "The da ga air da gir plane da gain is di geese mag da gag ni dag y fi da gi cent da gent".
  5. Practice whenever you can.  Talking gibberish might be child's play but it isn't as easy as people think. It takes a lot of practice to pull it off well.  Try talking gibberish to yourself in front of a mirror. The faster you convey your thoughts in gibberish, the better you will get.

As you get better at mastering the art of talking in gibberish, the faster you can connect with the babies of the world. And if you are a nice adult, maybe they'll even let you in on the profound thoughts that they talk about in the guise of gibberish.


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