How To Tape Sports Videos

Sports are exciting, heart-pumping, and very fun, even when you’re not playing. If you’re a sports fan, you will surely benefit from taping sports videos. Not only does it allow you to watch your favorite games over and over again, it also gives you the benefit of watching the latest sports games when you’re unable to catch the live telecast.

Here are some steps to take when you’re taping sports videos:

  1. Make sure that your television is well connected to your video player. Whether you’re taping your favorite sports videos using a DVD player, VCD player, or tape player, you should always make sure that it is well connected to your television. Just like when you’re watching movies, you should be able to see the images and hear the sound. This will translate to your recorded videos. If your player is not well connected, your sports videos can might not record sound or images.
  2. You can record your sports videos through your computer as well. All you need is a TV-PC connector and you will be able to watch and tape your sports videos and store them in your computer. This will make reviewing the games very easy. You will also be able to edit your sports videos. There are many downloadable software available on the Internet for TV-PC recording.
  3. If you are using a player to record your videos, make sure that you have a blank media inserted. Each player has a specific media. DVD players will require a rewritable, blank DVD disc. VCD players require a different type of disc. Always make sure, no matter what your media is, that you use a blank one. If you use a CD or tape that is not blank, when you record your video, all the data in your media will be overwritten. Also, you should make sure that the capacity of your media is enough for the whole game. Usually, a CD will hold up to an hour of videos. Tapes can hold much longer (about two hours).
  4. Press record when your sports game is on. For recording with players, the last step for recording sports videos is pressing record. This is the simplest part. Always remember to check your player if it is recording. If your disc or tape is full, you should change it immediately. You don’t want to lose important parts of the game in your recording. If you’re using a PC, just make sure that you have enough disk space for the video you are recording. Usually, when you’re using a PC to record videos, you can program it to record  at a certain time. It is best to try recording videos from your TV before the actual game, so you can get to know how to operate your player.

If you’re a sports fan, you should try recording sports game videos. It is a great collectible for sports fanatics. It will let you review each game repeatedly, and it will also serve as a comparison point for more games to come. Follow these simple steps and you can start to record your favorite sports videos.


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