How To Throw a Karaoke Party

Are you tired of the old routine? Are your parties boring and formulaic? Now is the time for change. Find a fun place to throw your party. Set up an activity everyone will enjoy, no matter who they are. That is what throwing a karaoke party is about.

Karaoke is like opium to the masses because it transports them to places and times they never even thought possible. For one night they become the stars they dream of being. Though they are not blessed with the same talent as the stars they admire, they belt out their favorite song without fear of looking foolish. This, my friend, is the karaoke party—the best party in the world.

With these simple tips you can become the master of your very own karaoke party. The beautiful thing about this is that you and your friends are the stars. Before you can sing your heart out, you need to first set the stage for some fun karaoke.

  1.  Invite friends over. Before you sit down on your coach, get out your phone and let your hands do the talking. Ask as many friends to come over as possible. Invite people with varied musical inclinations. Get a rocker, a balladeer, a girl who loves love songs and you have your self a party. The diversity of music and love of singing is what will fuel your party. Insist on your neighbors coming over. (This lessens your likelihood of getting arrested for public disturbance.)
  2. Set the stage. Give out backstage passes for your event. Trick out your place by making it look like a real stage. Rent the karaoke machine in advance to cover the most important aspect of your party. Remember that without a karaoke machine, you cannot have a karaoke party. Include the necessary props to make it seem like an authentic stage. Put up banners and roll out rugs. The rugs add a seventies feel to the place, while absorbing some of the noise. To make the stage perfect, spotlights should be installed. Finally, add a green room to prepare the singers for their performance on stage.
  3. Encourage audience participation. Bring bongos and maracas. Put chairs close to the stage. This encourages the other people to watch and applaud the would-be performers. Throw in some bras and panties for an added effect. When someone does a great performance, throw a pair of panties and the others will surely follow.
  4. Get memorabilia to remember the party. Print out some special t-shirts. You can also award the best singer of the night with a trophy. Take lots and lots of pictures for your album. The next time your friends are over, it will be a nice conversation piece.

You have successfully completed a karaoke party and you planned the whole event. Bravo!!! It takes a special person to pull something off like that. In the future, you can make the next party even wilder.


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Wild haha. Karaokes are fun though. Thank you. Try VIDEOke and MagicSing mics.

By Anonymous