How To Use a Bird Bath Heater

Use of a Bird bath heater is essential if you live in a cold weather. During winter, birds travel far to search for places where they can drink water. And because it is scarce, most of them die because of dehydration. So if you can allocate a small space for our avian friends in your garden, then this will greatly help them survive the winter season.

A bird bath heater is a circular shaped heater that you can place inside the bowl of your bird bath. This heater is automatically operated through an installed thermometer and it turns on if the water temperature drops to freezing level. This feature ensures that the birds will have enough water to drink from your bird bath anytime of the day.

Installing a bird bath heater is simple and easy. All you need is available power source where you can plug the heater. If there is no power source available, then it would be best to request for an outdoor power source to be installed by your electrician. Or, you may transfer the location of your bird bath and place it near an outdoor power source within your garden.

Bird bath heaters are available in different sizes, colors and shapes. You may choose one that will best suit your bird bath. To get the right measurement, you should first measure the circumference of the top and bottom of the bowl. Then, measure the depth of the bowl. Remember, it is ideal for the depth not to exceed 3 inches. If the bowl is too deep, then you can simple add pebbles to make it shallow.

Getting the right measurement is important to make it safe for the birds and ensure that they will be back next winter. You'll never know, they might even bring some friends along so make sure that a clean and safe water source is always available for them.

Another important factor to consider in choosing for a bird bath water heater is the color. The color should at least match the inner part of the bowl. Choosing the right color will make the heater look like it is part of your bird bath.

Once your bird bath is installed, be responsible in monitoring if the water supply is enough for our friends. Remember, you might have more visitors than expected so try to check your water supply from time to time. It may be necessary for you to refill to accommodate more birds.

It is necessary to maintain your bird bath clean and safe for the birds. You can replace the water and clean the bird bath when necessary. If you have children at home, you can assign this simple task to them.

Every afternoon, my nephews would visit and we go directly to my garden. Then we sit in our favorite couch with hot chocolate and patiently wait for the birds to come. We just sit there and whisper at each other until more birds flock into our tiny bird bath.



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