How To Use a Compressor Paint Gun

If you want to save time from painting surfaces, such as your car, you would want to utilize the compressor paint gun instead of opting the usual brush and paint tray. However, a compressor paint gun is way more different and more complicated than the traditional one. Check these steps on how to use a compressor paint gun.

  • Since compressor paint gun is more complicated than the traditional way of painting, you have to learn its basics. You can check over the internet on how to make use of the compressor paint gun. If you have purchased the air compressor as well as spray gun, couplings and air hose, you have to read carefully the manual or instructions provided before using it.
  • Prior to painting, you have to make sure the surface is free from dirt or debris. You can use a dry and clean cloth to swab it over. Put a newspaper or any recycled paper in the area with the use of a painter's tape or masking tape. This will shield the areas you do not want to paint. You should also place drop cloths on the floor, so your flooring will not get damaged or dirtied with paint.
  • After cleaning the surface, you can switch on the air compressor. While waiting for the air compressor to pressurize, muddle up the paint carefully and collect all the materials you need. In addition, working on an air compressor with a regulator can control the paint pressure easily.
  • Once the air compressor built up its pressure, attach the air hose as well as the pray gun to the compressor with the use of the couplings given. Modify the compressor's regulator to the pressure you are required to use. Seek the manual provided with the spray gun in order for you to have an idea how much pressure you have to apply.
  • Read the manual on how much thinner you have to add to the spray gun for a definite measurement then put the required amount of thinner to the spray gun. The thinner will directly flow to the paint cup situated beneath the spray gun. For the paint itself, mix up the paint with adequate amount of thinner. You have to blend it carefully then set the mixture into a container. Since paint is thick enough to travel through the hose, you have to make sure that it is blended with thinner so the paint can go through the siphon and hose easily as it gets into the surface.
  • Squeeze the spray gun's trigger to check it out. The paint thinner should come out from the nozzle together with some air from compressor. Before putting the paint, eradicate excess paint thinner from the paint cup.
  • After a few tests, you can now fill the paint cup with 2/3 paint.  Be sure that the spray gun is 8 inches away from the surface. Apply the paint from left to right maintain a stable movement.

Using a compressor paint gun really makes your life easier, plus you can achieve flawless and beautiful results. However, you should be aware that paints are made of chemical ingredients so always make it a point that you use mask to protect you from its fumes and smell.


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